8 x iPhone 4 Bamboo Shells

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About The Product

This is an innovative iPhone case made from bamboo. It provides the necessary protection for your iPhone 4 and gives your phone a natural look.

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable material with ideal physical properties and beauty. It's the fastest growing plant in the world and helps reduce our reliance on timber forests.

This item can be purchase online at www.m-c.com.au/products/2011/5/16/mc0011-iphone-bamboo-shell.html

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Product Reviews

Kathryn, Salisbury Park SA


A new piece of stylish accessory which only adds to the Iphone experience.

Elisabeth , Farrar NT


Ligght weight and sturdy, I now have piece of mind that my phone is cruch proof in my bag. It looks really cool too, like someting the Professor would have designed for Gilligan, if they had iPhones on Giligans Island. It certainly gets a lot of Wows from the people I show it too and makes the phone feel a little retro to boot. Would highly recommend this as a must have for protection and added style.