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About The Product

Fisiocrem is a 100% natural anti- inflammatory gel suitable for muscle and joint aches and pains, bumps and bruises, and to assist in the management of low back pain, whiplash and sciatica.

Fisiocrem contains a special combination of natural plant extracts, Arnica, Hypericum, Calendula and melaleuca, well known for their beneficial effects in providing relief from the symptomatic pain and aggravation associated with common muscle, joint and soft tissue trauma. Fisiocrem is used by thousands of health professionals including Physiotherapist’s, Chiropractors, Massgae Therapist’s, Osteopaths and Podiatrist’s. It is extremely popular with athletes in a wide range of sports activities, as well as elderly and everyday people experiencing pain or injury.

\Fisiocrem has combined the wisdom of the earliest natural healers with the technology of modern science, the extracts are gentle removed from the flowering plants and formed into micro sized particles before being bound into a gel with Purified water to ensure our clients are provided the very best of product and is an ideal natural for soft tissue trauma.

For information call 1800 434746 or visit our website www.fisiocrem.com.au

Product Reviews

Belinda4721, Keilor East VIC


Love the way the product has an ice/cooling effect once applied, great if you are on the go but need some anti inflammation product. Love the fact that it is also natural

Maureen, Berserker QLD


I was impressed with this product, as I have neuropathy in my feet due to diabetes, and although it is not promoted to help with this particular problem, I thought I would try it anyway. It gave instant relief, although this could have been because of the cooling effect of the cream. But nevertheless, I was happy to have some relief which lasted for a few hours. I would be happy to recommend this product for temporary relief from this ailment. Would definately use again.

Caroline179151, Rutherford NSW


Apart from being cold when applied it gives instant relief. Fantastic for my aches and pains from gardening that I suffer. Also had my girlfriend at work try it on her RSI and it gave her the chance to work painfree for the day.
This cream gives those that suffer pain a chance to have a painfree day and get out and enjoy life..Brilliant product.

Rhonda130, Kippa-ring QLD


Fisiocrem is a good natural product for easing aches and pains! This low odour, easy to apply cream has quick results!