8 x Ecococoon Stainless Steel Bottle Sets

About The Product

The Ecococoon exclusive collection of food grade stainless steel cups and bottles are built to the highest standards and craftsmanship. They are ideal for everyday use, and perfect for people on the go or with busy and demanding lifestyles. Combining function and design, our collection is guaranteed to satisfy every individual, including children (12 months +) and adults.

Our cocoons™ are double-walled and insular, keeping drinks chilled in summer up to 24 hours, and drinks warm in Winter up to 12 hours. They are resistant to fruit juice acids, sports drinks, alcohol, and essentially any beverage. 

Our cocoons™ are equipped with a revolutionary and innovative cap & lid (cocooncap™), integrating a one-way flow valve medically engineered and industrially designed to deliver a smooth, safe, and drip-free drinking experience. This also means your drink bottle requires no germy straws or sippers, no twisting, popping or pulling with teeth. Our cocooncap™ is the most hygienic, convenient and simple way to enjoy your beverage. 

We guarantee it will never leak if you follow our instructions for care.  This is why the cocoon™ is the ULTIMATE drink bottle !

Product Reviews

Elias, Earlwood NSW


Very excited when I opened the parcel. I was very impressed with the quality of the bottles and the drinking valve, The liquid stays at the required temperature regardless of the outside heat. Thank goodness for the Cocoons.

What a great product !!!

wendymick, Brighton TAS


It was a great product to try.We were very happy with the product.I definately kept things very cold,even until the next day.The two different sizes was great.It was good that after you had put liquid in it that it didnt smell of it.
My husband usually dents his drink bottles easy but these drink bottles held up the test of time.I noticed when you filled they up to the top they were hard to drink our of.Appart from that we are looking forward to winter and putting soup and hot drinks in them !

Elizabeth558, Summerholm QLD


After you get used to the sucker valve, these drink bottles are great. Have used them to keep wine cool on a picnic, coffee hot on a road trip and water cold on a day of shopping. Feel confident that they wont leak in your bag.

Erin430, White Gum Valley WA


The Ecococoon drinking bottles are definitely leak and spill proof and you do not have to worry about which bag you put them in, as they have no condensation problems and hence do not wet other items around them. They are easily cleaned, and you do not have to worry about any "plastic" odours when drinking from them. They are fairly light weight also.
I did find that it does involve some sucking power to drink from them, and would not want to be using them during intense exercise, eg running or sporting match as it is more difficult to get larger volumes of water out at time. However, it is good for taking regular sips of water during a working day or sitting at the football, for example.