8 x Dreambaby® Safety & Care Prize Packs

About The Product

Dreambaby® is giving you the chance to win one of four prize packs comprising their latest safety and care products, which have all designed to help your little ones grow in a safe yet still fun and stimulating environment!

Each Dreambaby® Safety & Care Prize pack is valued at $96.65 each and includes;

Dreambaby® Harrogate Bed Rail (F770) RRP $49.95

Dreambaby® Grohangers in pink (F683) RRP of $5.95 (four pack)

Dreambaby® Grohangers in blue (F682) RRP of $5.95 (four pack)

Dreambaby® Stroller Clips (F270) RRP $6.95 (2 pack)

Dreambaby® Baby on Board Tiger Sign (F239) RRP $4.95

Dreambaby® Butterfly Outlet Plugs (F838) RRP $2.95 (24 pack)

Dreambaby® Household Safety Value Kit with 26-pieces (F766) RRP $19.95

The new Dreambaby® Harrogate Bed Rail is the must-have safety item for smaller children and toddlers training in a BIG bed. The key features include, a fold down rail for easy bed making, extra-tall 45.5 cm (18in) and extra-wide 109.2 cm (43in), breathable mesh and best of all, no assembly required!

The Dreambaby® Grohangers (newly released in pink and blue) are a great investment as they conveniently adjust to the size of your little one's clothes and will last from birth, right through to older childhood. Simply pull out the strong and durable arms, to adjust your Dreambaby® Grohanger to your child’s size!                                                                   

Dreambaby® has recently launched some very small but extremely significant new products that will make a BIG difference, including Dreambaby® Stroller Clips; just the thing to hang bags on your stroller, whilst out & about, the Dreambaby® Baby on Board Tiger Sign which alerts other drivers on the road that your precious cargo is inside and the new Dreambaby® Butterfly Outlet Plugs that keep your power points safe, whilst not in use!

Keep your children happy, safe and secure whist at home and out & about with Dreambaby®!

For more information about Dreambaby® visit: www.dreambaby.com.au  and, to be part of the safety conversation, like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dreambabysafety

Product Reviews

Zara4, Seaholme VIC


With a newly mobile one year old nephew, visits could be both a blessing and a test of your patience. We’ve been following him around as best we could and trying to remain one step ahead at all times.

Having not realised what sort of products are out there to ‘baby-proof’ your home, I was surprised at the range that arrived on our doorstep to trial. Perhaps my naivety comes as I am not actually a parent myself, however it has certainly served as a lesson to ourselves how important it is for all members of a young family (yes, even the Aunts & Uncles!) to read up.

The door locks are fantastic. How a child can barely get around one minute then figure out how to get into your kitchen cupboards the next is beyond me. It feels like only yesterday we were encouraging him to roll over...

The power point covers are brilliant. I remember once as a child myself my younger brother shorting the power for the whole one side of our street when he put a two cent piece in the power socket. It burnt a hole in the coin, and he managed nothing more than a fright, but this could have been avoided so easily.

I would definitely recommend the Dreambaby Safety & Care range to anyone with young children in their home.

Liz268, Maroubra NSW


These products were all absolutely fantastic and much needed items around the house with toddlers and infants! In particular, the Dreambaby® Harrogate Bed Rail proved perfect as we are training our 2.5 year old out of his cot and into a bed. We also found the Dreambaby® Household Safety Value Kit a valuable addition as our young one is really starting to get in to all those zones within the house! Thank you so much for allowing us to try all these products - we have used all of them with a lot of success!

Sandra604, South Tamworth NSW


Fantastic products the PowerPoint covers are especially great as they keep little fingers safe and are extremely hard for little ones to remove. The baby on board is great in to put in the car. I found the coat hangers were steady and looked great. The carry bag clip is the most useful laying I have ever used makes life 100% easier. The bed rail is easy to secure and give you peace of mind.

Antoinette4, Corrimal NSW


The product is sturdy and easy to install. I have no hesitation in recommending it to others. Thankyou for the opportunity