8 x Deuce Generation Shoes

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About The Product

Inspired by 1950’s iconography including ‘all American’ images and lifestyle, Deuce Generation is a brand of casual footwear for guys and girls. From classic leather hi-tops to canvas low tops, and everything in between, Deuce offers an extensive range of classic styles.

When choosing shoes, comfort makes all the difference — and Deuce FEEL BETTER underfoot.

For over 90 years, vulcanised soles have been an American favourite owing to their durable, hardwearing nature. The malleable character of vulcanised rubber allows the sole to bend and give underfoot — this, teamed up with advanced footbed technology, makes Deuce Generation the most comfortable shoe range known to mankind!

Designed to keep you cool, dry and free of odour and bacteria, Deuce Generation shoes are perfect for long days on your feet!

Hand washable if required.

Product Reviews

Jennifer785, Turramurra NSW


I was eagerly awaiting the delivery of these shoes as I am a big fan of other brands of shoes in this style. I have to say I was not disappointed.
The shoes I received are the Kelly Canvas in light grey denim (as in the above picture).
In the looks department They are perfect as they are neutral and will go with any outfit. The attention to detail is really nice you get a slip bag to keep them in, and an alternative pair of laces in grey.
So down to comfort. Deuce talk about their "vulcanised" sole a lot and I was intrigued to see the difference in comparison to other brands. The first thing I noticed was how spongey and comfortable they feel under foot. The sole of shoe is very flexible which really adds to the comfort.
I can definitely agree with Deuce's bold statement that they are the most comfortable shoe known to mankind.
The only issue I had with comfort was making the mistake of not wearing socks when I broke them in as my heels did get a tad blistered.
Another good feature is the inner sole or footbed as it is called, its removable and can be hand washed and also absorbs moisture and is anti bacterial a huge bonus for me. Even without the footbed in the shoe it is very spongey and comfy in comparison to other similar style shoes where you tend to feel everything underfoot.

So in summary I am highly recommending the Deuce brand of shoes to anyone.
I am very pleased with mine and I am most definitely converted!

Nicole1081, Nerang QLD


Wow,wow, wow is what I would say about the Deuce Generation shoe that I was chosen to rate. Thank you so much, I have never worn a pair of shoes that were so comfortable on my feet. And my feet are hard to shop for. The inner sole is like walking on cloud nine, extremely soft and pillow like, the outer sole is very flexible, they just seem to mould to your feet and flow with every step. I would call th shoe a classy casual because of its feel and comfort. They are made extremely well from he stitchingto the canvas and rubber sole. Better yet your feet actualy don't smell after wearing an enclosed shoe due to the materials they are made from. I don't usually like enclosed shoes but this one is a dream. Love them and would highly recommend them. thank you again

Rowena62, Landsborough QLD


I got my shoes today and decided to wear them to work, I am on my feet constantly and these were perfect. They are super comfortable and a great fit. They also look awesome! All in all I am very happy!

Katey10, Dubbo NSW


These shoes are so comfortable! They are the best shoes i have, I am so glad that i have them!