8 x 'Cupcakes Delivered' Cupcakes

About The Product

Cupcakes Delivered is Australia's first online national cupcakes company. We can deliver a box of gorgeous cupcakes right to doorstep anywhere in Australia. With flavour selections like Chocolate Decadence and Vanilla Angel, you’ll enjoy the most delicious cupcakes imaginable! Our boxes are designed to make shopping online incredibly easy. We cater for all the special occasions – birthdays, baby showers, thank you gifts – and we’ve designed a beautiful love-heart encrusted dozen for lovers everywhere! If you’re looking for that fun, thoughtful gift and you’d like to send something more original than flowers and hampers, then Cupcakes Delivered is for you. 

We’ve developed some of the most beautiful packaging ever designed. Our bright pink and black boxes (containing ice-packs and double-boxing) ensure that the cupcakes arrive fresh and moist each and every time. And they look stunning and add that undeniable air of quality and style. We are proud of our partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. $1.00 of every box of cupcakes sold goes directly to fund the fight against breast cancer. So in buying a beautiful box, you also play a role in helping our partners at the NBCF. Go to www.cupcakesdelivered.com.au to see our delicious selections.

Product Reviews

traveltime, Sorrento WA


I must say, the packaging of the cupcakes was impressive to ensure they arrived fresh. This even included a cool pack, presentation box and custom tray to ensure they were presented like they would be in a shop. Given I am located in WA, I was impressed in how quickly they arrived, but if ordering again would ensure I was home for the delivery. I was able to taste both the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes that were a nice light cake and ample icing to complement the flavours. I would definitely keep this in mind if I was looking for a gift or had a special event where I need to arrange something different. In how they are packaged, you can get then delivered to your house and then pass onto a friends as a gift as they were double boxed.

Lauren690, Merrimac QLD


The cupcakes arrived beautifully packed in a box with a cooler icepack included. Then inside the box is another box which contains the cupcakes. Upon opening the lid the cupcakes are beautifully presented and haven't been destroyed in the courier..

The smell that came out once I opened the lid was absolutely DELICIOUS!

I usually eat the bottom of a cupcake first because the top with the icing is the best part but with these cupcakes.. the WHOLE THING is the best part. There is no faulting this company. The cupcakes were fresh and moist.

I'm not a huge mud cake eater but the mudcake cupcake was delicious and not too rich!

I would definitely recommend. They were delicious and could have eaten them all myself!

Bellagirl67, Two Wells SA


OMG! What beautiful looking and tasting cupcakes! Best I have had in a long time. Excellently packaged and arrived in fantastic condition. They look in real life the same as the pictures. Will definately use and recommend this company. Thankyou!

Peter, South Plympton SA


I received the Vanilla Angel section and was quite pleased with what I got. Having such a variety of cupcakes, the presentation was colourful and very drool-worthy. You would be happy to receive these cupcakes from a cafe or any established business. There was generous servings of the icing, although, some may find them difficult to bite into trying to get the moist cake that was hidden under them. However, if you're a lover of lots of icing, these would please you greatly. Personally, I liked the sprinkles on the white icing cupcake but overall prefered the taste of the blue cupcake. The yellow cupcake, however, was still pleasant and with the lemon icing, it wasn't too overpowering. This pleased me as I'm not that much a fan of lemon flavoured cupcakes, but that's just a personal preference.

Thanks very much for these delights, I appreciated the indulgence!

Lyn, Logan Village QLD


Cupcakes arrived by courier van very well presented and packaged with frozen ice cooler and metallic bubble wrap. Came in an extremely pretty vibrant pink box. Anyone would be very happy and surprised & impressed to receive such a gift in the mail. The Courier Man was so impressed he stated, " who gets cupcakes delivered?" The cake part of the cupcake was delicious and they look very pretty visually indeed. Different flavours of vanilla and chocolate with different coloured icing & very girly sprinkles on top. These would do well at a little girls birthday party or perfect to say thank you to someone especially teachers or work colleagues for morning teas. However I did find not everyone liked the sickly sweet icing & most people just took it off and didn't eat the icing. They are so sweet tasting unfortunately one is quite enough but then you are left with the decision of which one to choose as they all look so yummy.