8 x 'Coffee Encounters' Books

About The Product

Let us take you on a journey to exotic countries where tourists never visit and tell you the untold stories about coffee farmers and pickers – the human side of coffee.

Let us tell you the story of the whole coffee industry in Australia – from the first coffee growing in the early 1820s to the successful plantations of today.

The stories of the Australian roasters who source their beans from origin and are helping to change the lives of people in developing countries through their efforts at sustainability.

Get involved through our stunning photographic journey from Sulawesi to Sumatra, and Panama to Brazil and make your everyday cup of coffee more meaningful.


Product Reviews

Amanda1637, Woollahra NSW


This is a great book to enjoy over several good cups of coffee!

The pages are filled with beautiful illustrations and jam packed with information on many facets of the coffee industry. As I turned the pages I found interesting fact after interesting fact - from reading about Jungas Road to all the stories of different roasters.

This book gives extensive information about our favourite places and people in the coffee industry and takes us on a journey from where it all begins (the farmers) to where it all ends up (served to us at our favourite cafes by our beloved barista)!

I have a larger appreciation for coffee and for those who play a part in getting it into my cup of a morning! I was excited to learnt about some of the places I enjoy a good coffee at featured in the 'Café Culture' section of the book as well as read about the popular places we all know the names of but in reality don't know much about!

I would recommend this book to coffee lovers - even those who think they know everything are bound to learn something new!

Angela281, Hatton Vale QLD


Having my daily cuppa, I never really thought of the work that goes into actually getting the luscious black gold to my lips. Until now!
I have been lucky enough to get a copy of this beautifully put together book (THANK YOU!) and it's just told in such an approachable way, the illustrations are gorgeous, and you can SMELL the coffee beans coming from every page!

Patricia284, Wynnum QLD


"What a Amazing Book"... I have only got about half way trough. The pictures are beautiful... This book has had a great deal of research and time with the pictures. I have had a lot of great comments from friends and family who have come around. The Book is on my coffee table for all to see and pick up and look. Get this book everyone... Amazing, very interesting and beautiful pictures...... Thumbs Up...!!!

David838, Muntadgin WA


I love coffee and drink a few big cups every morning. I never really thought about where my coffee comes from, until now. This book is amazing. It takes you on a journey around the world story by story. With stories from the coffee pickers to importers to baristas. It has real stories from real people. The photos are stunning. I found this book very educational and it made me really think where my coffee comes from and how it is farmed. I didn't know that Australia grows coffee beans, and have done since the 1800's. The book is also raising awareness that it is important to know where your coffee comes from. I recommend this book, as it is a good read, has great pictures and by purchasing this book you are helping the charity Picking up the Pieces. Smudge Publishing started this charity to improves lives in one area of Guatemala. Thankyou Lifestyle and Smudge Publishing for the opportunity to really find out where my morning coffee really comes from.

Robin43, Fairfield VIC


This is a beautiful book. The facts and the illustrations bring the history and life of coffee home to the reader. I especially enjoyed reading about the growth of coffee in Australia - a fact which I suspect is not widely known outside our island.

Liz, Kedron QLD


This book from the moment I received it and opened the brown paper wrapped in string, has been a joy to look at and read.
The pictures, lets start there. Amazing quality, and interesting points of view.
The writing, inspired me to think beyond the taste of my morning brew, to the families who pick, through to the roasters, brewers and beyond...
I have flicked backwards and forwards and see a new thing each time. Defintely a must to read if you're a lover of the bean...

powerchick8, Tailem Bend SA


Fantastic educational book that was very easy to read. Chock a block full of great stories and information. A great read indeed.