8 x Bowers & Wilkins P3 Mobile Hi-fi Headphones

About The Product

Now available in a stunning red, joining the current blue, white and black models. The combination of high-performance features, smart design and lightweight construction, provides a high quality sound for those on the move. With over five decades of audio-engineering experience, the P3 headphones deliver signature Bowers & Wilkins sound, with highs and lows that are as pristine as the pure, open midrange, giving you a well-balanced, full- bodied audio performance. The P3 Red is a great festive idea for any Christmas gift ideas, and the various colours will suit any personality! 


Product Reviews

Schlaggy, Kiama NSW


Amazing sound quality! I have never heard such depth and clarity, would definately recommend !

Sophie265, Alexandria NSW


The Bowers & Wilkins P3 Mobile Hi-fi Headphones are fantastic and I would highly recommend them for anyone wanting performance and style. The headphones are beautiful, simply stylish and understated. The storage container for the headphones is lightweight and compact.
If I was to compare them to other popular headphones currently on the market, the Bowers & Wilkins are not over the top, and would not look out of place anywhere! They look designer and the sound quality is purely wonderful.

Nola9, Keilor East VIC


These are the best headphones I have ever used. The clarity of the music is amazing. They are comfortable to wear and easy to adjust to fit properly even when wearing glasses. They are stylish and fold up compactly for storage when not in use (which is not often). I have tried all types of music with them and they are crystal clear...brilliant if you love classical! My biggest problem will be keeping them from the other members if my family.

Sonia14, Engadine NSW


I was given the P3 headphones to evaluate as part of a promotional, I passed them on to my husband for a brutal review : he fancies himself as some sort of audiophile... so this is his report.
On being given the phones I first looked at the brand and, to my shame, was not familiar with the brand.. I was struck however by the high quality of the packaging I was holding. I notice that the packaging boasted it was made specifically for Apple products, I opened the packaging and was greeted with a beautifully crafted and finished set of headphones. Robust doesn't need to be ugly, these phones are certainly a testament to that design philosophy. I wasted little time and plugged in my 160 gig iPod and wet through several genres of songs from heavy rock/psychedelic/blues and folk. The one thing that struck me immediately was the clarity of the sound these packed.. as I'm reviewing this an old favorite has just kicked in and I couldn't help myself just turned it up and I can't believe the power and bass( I've got $200 inear buds)-these just blow 'em out of the water.. separation, dynamic range ,bass, no contest.
Negatives...if pressed I'd say that the volume control is a tad high up towards the actual ear piece, making it a little tricky in its use. Some may consider the price as a negative: this would quickly be dissipated once the play button is pressed and the P3s burst into life. Don't be surprised to hear yourself "saying...yeah...wrap 'em up please"
Put them on the short list!!