8 x Body V Summer by Bella Bodies Shapewear

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About The Product

Body V Summer by Bella Bodies Shapewear - create a more youthful and slender shape with The BOdy V Summer slimming camisole by Bella Bodies. A great layering camisole which is interchangeable into halterneck or cross over allows you to wear the Body V summer on its own or under your tee shirts. The great range of colours ensures you always look more shaplier under any garment you wear and gives your that little bit of extra confidence to get through your day. Moderate control on tummy, midriff and back ensures a great posture, comfortablity and ease of use. Feel great and look fabulous .

Comes in Aqua, fuschia, black and white.

See www.bellabodies.com.au for more info.

Size range: S – Small (48-62kg), M – Medium (56-82kg), V – Voluptuous (78-98kg), VV – Very Voluptuous (93-118kg).

Product Reviews

Jez2, Noble Park VIC


When i first recieved the Bella Bodies shapewear i was so surprised by how small the garment looked. I thought that it would be hard to wear but when i followed the instructions it was incredibly easy, and comfortable to wear. The colour of the shape wear is so flattering underneath my clothes and got my figure looking 10 kilos lighter. I love this product that I'm investing in other shape wear from Bella Bodies in the future.