8 x Blossom Blends Tea Packs

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About The Product

Blossom Blends is a boutique tea purveyor that hand blend premium specialty teas and gourmet herbal tisanes that provide goodness and pleasure with every sip. Each herbal blend is caffeine free and has been polished by a qualified herbalist to improve your wellbeing whilst being a pleasure to drink. Each lucky winner will receive a special window boxed prize pack containing a selection of three of our most popular blends; ‘A Little Pick Me Up’ to refresh and revitalise, ‘Time Out’ for the perfect cup of relaxing me-time and ‘On The Wagon’ our delicious detoxifying blend that cleanses and revitalises to help put the goodness back in that the naughtiness took out.

Experience the goodness and nutritive properties of our premium loose leaf tea collection. For free samples and more information on how Blossom Blends can be the perfect accompaniment to your healthy lifestyle and wellbeing please visit www.BlossomBlends.com.au

Product Reviews

Abel6, Redland Bay QLD


Lovely Tins!
Pick Me Up- fragrant & flowery flavour, refreshing.
On the Wagon- subtle, mellow & slightly woody flavour, pleasant.
Time Out- mellow flavour, favourite!

Laura, East Kurrajong NSW


A gorgeously presented bag with tins of quality herbal tea arrived, along with a tea infuser. No messy tea pot required! Three amazing flavours with great scent and taste. No need to drink 3 coffees a day to stay warm, these are the perfect substitute. My own high tea at home and at the office! Love them.

Alexandra197, Bossley Park NSW


The first thing you notice is the beautiful packaging, then on opening you can immediately see the vibrant colours of the different blends of herbs and on closer inspection you can pick up the amazing aromas. I first tried the 'Little pick me up' blend and was surprised with the smooth flavour and the feeling of calm I felt, this is truly a refreshing tea. Next I tried the 'Time Out' blend and again I wasn't disappointed. I left the "On the wagon' until last, but by no means least, no tea better than the other. We are advised to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, I would recommend doing it with the BlossomBlends, not only would you have your daily water intake but you would enjoy it so much more with the amazing flavours and taste of the blends, knowing you are not injesting any harmful chemicals. By far this is the best herbal tea I have tried, the herbs are of a superior quality, fresh, vibrant and the real taste of the herbs shines through with every cup. As far as cost goes, these blends are very affordable in today's world of counting pennies, you get so much more from each cup, only a teaspoon is needed.