8 x Anathoth Farm Entertainer Packs

About The Product

New Zealand’s #1 selling premium and award-winning, batch-made jam, Anathoth, has refreshed its look and name to Anathoth Farm. The name change highlights the brands on-farm production, time-honoured manufacturing practices and just-like-homemade, premium quality products.

As part of the rebranding, all Anathoth Farm products will feature a new label which honours its farm heritage and an innovative new pot. The change has come about because there is a real country story to tell and the old packaging didn’t acknowledge the rich 25 year old past that the brand has.

Celebrated on NZ shelves for over 25 years, Anathoth Farm boasts a reputation as the most authentic and genuine producer of whole-fruit, batch-made jams. Originally founded in 1987 by a local Nelson family after purchasing a run-down raspberry farm, Anathoth Farm’s story begins selling country-made jams at the local market. A hit with locals, the jams fast garnered a loyal following. With Anathoth Farm building its reputation on providing authentic, home style recipes –no additives, nothing tricky, just good fruit and lots of it. This approach remains true today.

Featuring a sweet selection of, made-from-the-farm flavours Anathoth Farm’s range is widely available from Coles and Woolworths stores, nationwide.

Product Reviews

Sarah862, Artarmon NSW


The Boysenbury jam is sensational. By far the best jam i’ve ever tasted.

Naomi207, Fletcher NSW


What a selection of deliciousness.

The jams are thick and tasty. The fruit pops in your mouth. The flavour is sweet but not sickly.
This is a more premium brand of jam.
You can taste the country flavours and it feels healthy and free of any nasty stuff.
We found the jam beautiful on crusty fresh bread or scones.

You open the lemon curd and are met with the most amazing aroma. It is thick but smooth and easy to spread. It was delicious on toast but we also made a savory chicken dish and a lemon meringue that were divine! I will not be purchasing another brand of lemon curd into the future - this is the one for us!

The pickle was truly amazing. Opening the jar reminded me of home, A reminder of mums cooking and days that lasted for ever as a child.
The aroma was strong and filled the room. We used it in a pastry and as an accompaniment to main meals.

Recommend these products to anyone!

We have purchased the jams from the Supermarket to have on Christmas morning on croissants

Woodbuns, Sandy Bay TAS


The four products were all absolutely beautiful in taste and texture and I would recommend them to anyone wishing to try a very good quality jam or pickle.

The Lemon Curd - beautifully lemony with good texture and made perfect Lemon Curd Tarts.

The Pickles - beautiful colour and texture with well cut vegetables and a good selection of them including red capsicum. The taste of this pickle is very slightly sweet. It was great with our Christmas ham, a ploughman's lunch and meat sandwiches. Needless to say it didn't last long in the refrigerator.

The Raspberry Jam - just like grandma used to make - wonderful flavour, beautiful colour and with that slight raspberry tartness and a lovely runny (but not overly) texture.

The Strawberry Jam - once again a lovely jam, full strawberry flavour and plenty of small pieces of strawberry fruit.

Myriam2, Caversham WA


I absolutely love these jams! They have a very rich fruity flavour and have just the right amount of sweetness to them. You can literally taste the fruit in them. Unlike a lot of other jams that always have a clumpy/gluey texture, these jams have a very smooth texture, which it makes it so easy to spread them on toast! The raspberry jam was that good that it took just a week for the family to devour the whole jar!

The pickle was just as nice and you could really taste the ingredients in them.

The only negative point I have is that the jar is somewhat flimsy and seems to break easily. I missed out on the lemon curd because the jar arrived broken!

Roslyn35, Greenfields WA


Reminds me of the jam and pickles my nan used to make when I was a kid.