70 x Picture Placers

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About The Product

The Picture Placer is a brilliantly simple picture hanging tool which assists the user to perfectly place framed artwork on walls; first time, every time.

Have you been given the job of hanging the family photos or are you trying to put together a wall collage? Getting artwork to align has always been a fiddly and time consuming process. The Picture Placer changes this by cleverly marking the wall where the hook must be placed; no longer to do need to measure or perform calculations. Simply attached the Picture Placer, press your artwork gently against the wall and install the hook at the marking. The Picture Placer is available from all good Picture Framers and Hardware Stores or alternatively can be purchased online at


Product Reviews

Jaqi, Curl Curl NSW


So much easier than using a tape measure or ruler and a lot more accurate too. I found that if you colour the 'indenter' with a lead pencil then you don't need a little indent in the wall, you get a pencil mark instead. Now I have hung some pictures it will be easy to store until I need it next.

Melissa, Dingley Village VIC


So easy to use now my pictures are in the correct position first time, every time. It makes gouping of the family photos easy and effective.

Micaela, Nairne SA


We had the task of placing 3 matching frames in my daughters room that needed to align perfectly, normally this would make my husband blow steam from the ears, but he gave the picture placer a go and it was fantastic, all 3 picture had the San Francisco bridge lined up in minutes instead of hours, and i think she will now be getting the rest of her pictures hung a lot sooner. So thanks for making it so much easier

missusgee, Hillcrest QLD


Great product that makes easy work of hanging photo frames. I can't wait to put up more pictures now because I don't need to struggle with finding the right position for the hook to go!

Curt, Cronulla NSW


I decided to use it rehang all the photos and pictures at the same height throughout the jumble of different sizings. What was easy was just placing the photo frame on the top centre and then after pulling the arm up, the mark is placed for the hook. Gone are the grubby fingerprints or pen marks the spot! For $14.95 the angst that it replaced made it worthwhile, and easy to store means I bring it out whenever I need to put a new picture up. Its now going to be used at the inlaws to straighten their pictures up with the same consistency