7 x Wendy & Holly Australia 'Michelle boots'

About The Product

Accessorize to the max this season with Wendy & Holly Australia.

Choose from their new range of jelly boots, bags and wallets to add that little bit extra to your winter garb.

Coming in black, black lace, black sparkle, charcoal sparkle and clear sparkle, these irresistible fashion accessories are a stylish, functional and versatile addition for the fashion conscious.

With something for everyone, it is guaranteed that Wendy & Holly Australia’s desirable range of boots, bags and wallets will end up on your must-have list this season. Available from the end of April. Prices start from $25.

Visit the Wendy & Holly Shoes website to find your nearest stockist or to purchase online.

About Wendy & Holly Australia

Wendy & Holly Shoes & Accessories offers an enticing fusion of style, comfort and affordability.

Wendy & Holly Australia is a fashion forward label that boasts flirty designs with boundless personality.

Wendy & Holly Australia are a fun, fashionable, comfortable and very affordable shoe and accessory that are suitable for anywhere, everywhere and all year round.

Once you join the Wendy & Holly Australia jelly shoe revolution, you’ll never look back! Vive la jelly revolution!

Product Reviews

Caitlin317, BruNSWick VIC


Super comfy, I love the versatility of the 'michelle' boot, can be worn as a jelly boot alone or fluffed with the cosy insert-like two shoes in one!
The sizing is great, feminine shape hugs your foot, unlike traditional gumboots.
The lace print design is questionable, but I'd love to own the sparkles!
Quality made boots, very sturdy and durable although the furry insert looks a little cheap.
Overall, value for money.

jojoburkey, Port Melbourne VIC


Love Love love these boots. They are like gumboots but so stylish and fashionable that you have to take a second look that they aren't jelly boots. The pattern is amazing, the comfort is fantastic (I was able to walk around pushing the pram without any feet complaining).

Being waterproof is even better so me to take my little girl to the park in winter without feeling daggy but instead feeling so hip and stylish. And they keep my feet warm and toasty too because of the padded insert.

At a wonderful price i'm sure going to look at getting more!!!

Leanne919, Woonona NSW


I was very surprised when I realized the fur comes out of the boot which is fantastic. I was also very pleased with how comfortable these were considering they are rubber. Very comfortable and stylish enough to wear out with your jeans on a wet wintery night. Fur a bit fake looking but overall a much nicer style of what I would call a modern gum boot.