7 x Trailer Guide's

About The Product

The Trailer Guide could save your marriage and here’s how. The Trailer Guide is a multipurpose visual aid that assists in the hitching, reversing and driving of your towed vehicle. This means no more partner assisted reversing and never having to ask the question ‘Why didn’t you say stop?’ Say goodbye to dints in your tailgate, jack knifing, and best of all embarrassing scenes at the boat ramp. If you can tow it, Trailer Guides can help you see it. Visit www.trailerguides.com.au
Hitching. ~ The clamp system and elongated rods allow a driver to see the position of a tow ball and coupling to ensure a more accurate hitching process
Driving. ~ The guides can be attached to the back of the trailer so that the driver can see where the trailer ends at all times which makes driving and changing lanes a much safer process.
Reversing. ~ Reversing a trailer is often difficult, a driver doesn't know if they are off track until it is too late. By applying the guides to the rear of the trailer before reversing, the driver can correct any misalignment immediately. This is most helpful for a low 6x4, jetski or boat trailer.

Product Reviews

speedymary6, Roxby Downs Sa SA


OMG this is amazing. It saves me jumping out of the car every time my husband reverses the trailer.

Sarah988, Pontville TAS


My husband and I found this product to be very useful. It has taken the stress out of avoiding jackknifing the trailer. Due to the size it is also very easily stored away and doesn't take up excessive amount of space for storage.

We both will definitely continue to use this product and wish that we had tried the guides earlier.

Elizabeth991, Gumdale QLD


Great product and so easy to use. Hitching the trailer has never been easier and reversing is much safer and makes me look like I know what I'm doing!

Thrower, Carine WA


I always struggle reversing the trailer, find it so difficult to see where i am reversing into and where the trailer is. Found Trailer guides so easy to attatch and use, easy wind up clamp system to fit any trailer and for anyone to use, the guides were very visable and easy to see which made reversing so much easier. One recommendation i would have is if they could be telescopic for easy storing and also so you can adjust the height of the guides. But overall would highly recommend for anyone even my husband who is the master of trailer reversing found it really handy and useful too.

Louise929, Wanniassa ACT


Thank you for taking the stress out of my tip days. The guides provide an easy and effective mechanism for hitching the trailer and reversing into a tight spot on my own.

Simple mechanism, well made and interchangeable between cars and towing items.

Debra464, Preston VIC


i love the concept off the trailer guide , it was very easy to put on to the back off the car and trailer ..... we even used it on the quad bike and trailer on the farm and it survived ..... it is very durable as we found out when it was on the side of the quad bike .... love the idea and ive even spoken to alot of friends about it that go out boating