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About The Product

The Trailer Guide could save your marriage and here’s how. The Trailer Guide is a multipurpose visual aid that assists in the hitching, reversing and driving of your towed vehicle. This means no more partner assisted reversing and never having to ask the question ‘Why didn’t you say stop?’ Say goodbye to dints in your tailgate, jack knifing, and best of all embarrassing scenes at the boat ramp. If you can tow it, Trailer Guides can help you see it. Visit www.trailerguides.com.au
Hitching. ~ The clamp system and elongated rods allow a driver to see the position of a tow ball and coupling to ensure a more accurate hitching process
Driving. ~ The guides can be attached to the back of the trailer so that the driver can see where the trailer ends at all times which makes driving and changing lanes a much safer process.
Reversing. ~ Reversing a trailer is often difficult, a driver doesn't know if they are off track until it is too late. By applying the guides to the rear of the trailer before reversing, the driver can correct any misalignment immediately. This is most helpful for a low 6x4, jetski or boat trailer.

Product Reviews

mickydee, Craigieburn VIC


good product, makes it easier to control the trailer in reverse. even my 19 year old can reverse the trailer now.

Donna1966, Kyneton VIC


Wow, wow, woo! All I can say is that this has been a godsend in my household--my husband can now hitch the trailer and camper trailer by himself without any problems.

Very easy to use and store. A great gift also for that person you know who has to constantly hitch and unhitch their caravan, camper trailer or normal trailer.

Highly recommend.

Deanne94, Wulguru QLD


The primary purpose in which we require the trailer guide is for assisting with aligning our vehicle tow ball with our boat trailer coupling.
The 1st time with no assistance from myself, my husband was surprised to be less than half the tow ball diameter out of dead center alignment which is more than enough, particularly considering the angles and difficult to get to location of the boat in the back yard.
By the third go he was able to get the center of the trailer coupling pretty much aligned with the center of the tow ball. Not that this degree of precision is required to achieve a successful hitch, but shows the accuracy that is able to be achieved through using the trailer guide, as well as being hassle free with relative ease.

No longer does my husband and I argue over a suitable time to hitch up the boat, or the reversing directions.

The durability of the trailer guide is also more than suitable for our requirements.

I would have rated the trailer guide 5/5 if each of the sticks were able to have their lengths halved. Thus making the assembly more compact when not in use, particularly for under seat storage.

Soleima, Revesby NSW


I guess this trailer guide would be perfect for someone who doesn't have much experience driving with a trailer attched to their car.

Having had alot of experiencedriving with a trailer I found this product as just extra safety. It didn't really enhance my ability to get the trailer and car lined up perfectly, it just added to my accuracy.

Definitely would recommend for a person that is still learning to hitch a trailer

Kylie1356, Kewdale WA


I found the trailer guides of limited use. They are very helpful for aligning the tow ball with tow hitch but could do with more options for the direction of the flag (the slot the flag clips into doesn't allow for 90' or 45' insertion meaning I had the flag in line with my direction of view rather than across it when mounted to my particular tow hitch).
Very good construction quality and the clamp is a good method to mount with.
I feel it's got stiff completion with the wide availability and low price of modern reverse cameras.