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About The Product

The Trailer Guide could save your marriage and here’s how. The Trailer Guide is a multipurpose visual aid that assists in the hitching, reversing and driving of your towed vehicle. This means no more partner assisted reversing and never having to ask the question ‘Why didn’t you say stop?’ Say goodbye to dints in your tailgate, jack knifing, and best of all embarrassing scenes at the boat ramp. If you can tow it, Trailer Guides can help you see it. Visit www.trailerguides.com.au


Hitching. ~ The clamp system and elongated rods allow a driver to see the position of a tow ball and coupling to ensure a more accurate hitching process

Driving. ~ The guides can be attached to the back of the trailer so that the driver can see where the trailer ends at all times which makes driving and changing lanes a much safer process.

Reversing. ~ Reversing a trailer is often difficult, a driver doesn't know if they are off track until it is too late. By applying the guides to the rear of the trailer before reversing, the driver can correct any misalignment immediately. This is most helpful for a low 6x4, jetski or boat trailer. 

Product Reviews

Adam209, Enoggera QLD


So simple, yet genius idea which keeps my family safe while driving. The product itself was easy to install and suitable for any vehicle trailer set-up. Best of all there are multiple ways to use this product; vertical, horizontal or even as guides on the trailer ends.

I have no doubt this product will inspire manufacturers to years to come and this trailer guide will become standard feature. For now, its great discovering this product and keeping ahead of the crowd.

Bellagirl67, Two Wells SA


What a wonderful invention. I have just started teaching my daughter to tow our horse float and this trailer guide made it so much easier. I now know that she can hitch up on her own and be okay. Very easy to use. It even helped with her reversing! Thankyou very much!

Hope-Emily, Carroll NSW


I have just started to learn to drive with a trailer and this product has made the job so much easier to know when I can over take or reversing. It has bought much confidence driving a trailer. Thank you

Peter114865, Bundoora VIC


Thought I could never reverse my boat, but now doin it like a pro. Excellent!!

Nicole116, Grovedale VIC


This has been fantastic we use a trailer nearly every weekend, this guide has taught myself to reverse with a trailer as now I'm comfortable knowing I can tell where the back of the trailer is!
This guide has been great with my sons motorbike as I can tell where the back of trailer is not just the bike!
It is definitely a fantastic product for everyone who uses a trailer especially low loads which can't be seen and/or smaller trailers!! So simple and easy to mount :-)

Suzanne502, Bentley Park QLD


I have never driven with a trailer on the back of my car (that's hubby's job) but I decided to give it a go with the Trailer Guide. I was pleased that it was very easy to install and use. Having the trailer guide attached to the trailer gave me the confidence to drive with a trailer as I could see the end of the trailer so I could easily judge how much room I had between myself and other cars whilst driving and parking. I am also not the best at reversing with or without a trailer but the trailer guide helped me out big time, I could see where I was going and after a few nervous attempts I got there. Thanks Trailer Guide!