7 x Simple Green Cleaning Packs

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About The Product

Simple Green’s formulas have been tested by many different Independent authorised universities and laboratories. In most cases, each of these bodies specialise in different areas; inhalation, skin irritation, vital organ issues, reproductive issues, reaction to different materials, specialist metals, plastics synthetics and so much more. As a result Simple Green is able to not only claim the highest degree of safety but also prove their unique safety claims.

Simple Green benefits overview:

 It will not harm the person using the product or other people including children and pets.

 It will not harm the environment including plants.

 Simple Green products are readily biodegradable.

 Some Simple Green products are concentrated and re-fillable to cut down on packaging. Others are Ready to Use (RTU) for convenience.

 Simple Green will clean and degrease all washable surfaces quickly end efficiently.

 There is simply nothing else like it, on the market.

The entire Simple Green range - including the All Purpose Cleaner (Ready to Use – RTU - trigger packs and 2 & 5litre Concentrates), Hand Cleaner Gel, Wheelie Bin Cleaner Deodorizer, Oven and Microwave Foam, BBQ and Grill Foam and Outdoor Concentrate Cleaner - is available nationally at major hardware stores including Bunnings and Mite10.

Visit: www.simplegreen.com

Product Reviews

Rhonda, Pacific Pines QLD


I found these product to work extremely well
the bathroom cleaner left everything sparkling clean
The wheelie bin deodorizer left the bins smelling fresh and clean
the hand cleaner gel was great even after my husband working on the car
the oven& Microwave foam done exactly what cleaners should
multi purpose spray was also very good as was the BBQ & Grill Foam
I would buy these products again and would recommend them to family and friends

luludancer52, Redlynch QLD


WOW - I couldn't have asked for a better choice of product to review - As an allergy & asthma sufferer I'm always looking for an alternative to the usual harsh cleaning products - This HUGE sample pack of SIMPLE GREEN products has been put to enthusiastic use - The huge dispenser of Hand Cleaner Gel was claimed by Hubby for his workshop, our Wheelie Bins are the cleanest in the street, my kitchen sparkles & our BBQ looks like new! There's a product to cover every cleaning job, the products are extremely effective & best of all they're friendly to the environment and the users health - Thumbs up to SIMPLE GREEN from me!

Catherine120521, Bulleen VIC


After using SIMPLE GREEN cleaning products I am converted.
The products are as effective as any chemical cleaner, with the benefit of being non toxic to my family, my dog and the environment. SIMPLE GREEN produces don't have those nasty fumes of chemical cleaners and leave a subtle pleasant smell.

All round an efficient and effective way to clean my home and at the sametime keeping it safe for my family, friends, pet and the enviroment.