7 x Sam & Son Badger Hair Shaving Brush Sets

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About The Product

Using a quality shaving brush improves a man’s shave helping the beard stand up ready for the razor by getting the lather to the base of the hair; your new Sam & Son Badger Hair Shaving Brush will last for years. Quality badger hair is optimal for shaving as the hair retains warm water and allows the lather to build in the brush. The stylish designed anodised aluminium handle sets them apart from the ‘old fashioned’ theme of traditional men’s shaving.

It also allows you to use quality shaving cream, like Bluebeards Revenge, only a little amount of product will grow into a thick rich lather with the use of your shaving brush. This is essential in the first step to develop your shaving technique and the first step to reduce irritation that may occur in shaving, suitable for all men.

Product Reviews

Holly167, Mentone VIC


These products just felt quality. The natural bristles on the brush were so gentle on the skin whilst being robust enough to get the job done without damaging the brush itself. I fell in love with the packaging on the Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream, it's hysterical and really doesn't take itself too seriously. I only needed a small amount of the cream with the brush to shave my legs, it lathered up well but didn't clog up my razor like foams. And I somehow managed to not cut myself once (which I always do). These products both work very well together and just felt so much easier and not to mention more glamorous than anything else I've used.

Jackthemuz, Harrison ACT


As a kid I watch with envy my father shaving with a shaving brush and blade and by the time I needed to shave, shaving foam and cream came in a can, so I never reverted to a brush until I received my Sam & Son Badger hair shaving brush set. The quality brush made quick work of lathering the cream over my face and you only need the smallest amount. My shave feels the best it has ever been and there was noticeably less stubble the next morning, so I think it give you a closer shave. Brush was a little prickly at first, but has calmed down after a couple of uses, cream has a pleasant fresh smell. I am a defiant convert to a shaving brush and cream.

Mandy234, Busselton WA


Overall I thought the brush and shaving cream were very good products. I think that for the price the shaving brush delivers what it says it will. The bristles are nice and dense however they do feel courser than the brush I had been using, but this could be due to the fact that my old brush is 12 years old. The brush allows the user to form a nice lather, get a good even application and does seem to lift the hair ready for shaving. The handle looks and feels nice but because it has straight edges and is thin it may be a problem fitting into a brush stand, it was for me, although for travelling its an excellent size. The shaving cream is excellent, you really don't need to use a lot to form a good lather. It is much better at lathering than the one I usually use, a well know english brand. A little really does go a long way. It smells nice too.