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Crystal Clean Cleanser

Goodbye to that tight, parched feeling after using typical cleansers that rarely remove all your makeup but irritate your skin! As if from Aphrodite’s garden this cleanser with juniper berries, jojoba and citrus will leave your skin crystal clean pristine! 100% natural certified organic ingredients infuse the skin to gently but thoroughly remove makeup and deeply cleanse. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, acne and rosacea, the active natural ingredients leave skin refreshed, comforted and radiant. Heavenly but practical as only the tiniest amount is needed! Highly concentrated, so it lifts makeup and impurities away.

RRP $40


An exfoliant you can leave on as a masque! Refine texture and detox your skin as you polish your face with a gentle but effective mineral based exfoliant! Enjoy all the benefits of exfoliation without the skin being given tiny tears and irritation. Made of tiny soft minerals that form a soft clay (Montmorillonite) and rice to shift dead skin, clear congestion, refine texture, stimulate blood and lymph circulation in the face detoxing skin and giving a healthy glow! Skin is then better prepped to receive the nutrients and hydration of following products such as serums and moisturisers. Leave on the skin for a further 10 mins to infuse skin with Grape Seed Oil high in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and moisturising ingredients. Extremely lightweight and spreads easily with a gentle foaming base. (no sulphates!) A mineral and organic skincare cocktail, its ingredients contain Vitamin E, flavonoids, and antioxidants.

RRP $25

Product Reviews

Alsfridge, Noble Park North VIC


Both the cleanser and the exfoliant smell delightful, with a lovely floral rosey scent. The cleanser is gentle yet effective and only the tiniest amount is needed for a great result. The Musqfoliant is quite gritty and I really only needed a small amount to achieve the desired effect. Both products are very good and I was surprised by their quality.

LA, Moonee Ponds VIC


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Musqfoliant - was beautiful to smell and after using it 3-4 times I noticed a change in the texture of my skin. I would only recommend to to use it once or twice a week as it can be a little bit grainy and very effective so not required to use every day.
I would have liked to see mor direction on the packaging on recommended frequency of use, I just guessed.

Crystal clean cleanser - unfortunately this product has no directions on how to use the product on the packaging so I had to look it up.
However after using the cleanser I found it to be quite nice on my skin, it's light gel texture and pleasant smell made it feel nice to use. It took of my make up and did not leave my face dry or irritated. I would buy this cleanser again and I noticed after only a week my skin was less dry than normal using other cleansers.

Overall I really liked that these products are Australian made and natural.
Two key factors when I shop for products I use on my body.
I would purchase these products again as I felt they made such a great improvement to my skin in such a short time.

Bianca, Wyndham Vale VIC


The Crystal clean cleanser and Musqfoliant are the perfect combination. They work well together to provide you with a soft, fresh and clean face and to help you look radiant. I would definitely recommend these two products to my friends or anyone who is looking for a change in skin care products / routine.