7 x Healthy Mummy Packs

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About The Product

The NEW Healthy Mummy range of products have been created by mums in conjunction with leading nutritionists, dietitians and with input from the Monash University, to ensure they are beneficial for breastfeeding mums. The new range of products includes; quick and easy to make nutritious smoothies, fish oil tablets plus portion sized dark chocolate treats.

The Healthy Mummy program also offers members of the website, which is free, a place where they can track their results, get free recipes and easy to follow exercise plans along with constant support via the website and facebook pages.

The Healthy Mummy smoothie is available in chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavor and includes over 25 vitamins and minerals in each serve. It contains ingredients such as flaxseed meal which is high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Fenugreek which is considered to support milk supply for breastfeeding mums. The Healthy Mummy Smoothie is also the highest in fibre and lowest in sugar available in the market today, plus it is gluten and dairy free.

For more information on The Healthy Mummy products or programs, just head to their website www.healthymummy.com

Product Reviews

Melanie , Edge Hill QLD


Fantastic product! The smoothies are great and taste beautiful when you use the recipes in the booklet. They fill you up a lot more than other meal replacement shakes and I wasn't hungry at all. They also weren't too sweet which I loved. I would buy them again and reccommend them to anyone.

Amy632, Harrison ACT


Yay to a program that helps you lose weight and actually tastes fantastic! As well as losing weight, I havnt even felt like I'm on a 'diet'.
This easy program helps you track your progress, as well as giving you a support system online where you can find tips, and extra help. And the smoothies are delicious!

Leanne177, Gaythorne QLD


The smoothies were delicious, with yummy recipes to include extra fruit - blended up together, you couldn't notice it wasn't a nice creamy smoothie.

Including the vitamins, I definitely felt a pep in my step, didn't have any food cravings especially when following their generous food plan, and actually lost some of the hard to budge weight.

Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a simple, satisfying food replacement range.

Carolyn153, Montmorency VIC


I think this is a great idea. I have just given birth 4 weeks ago and have just started this product. The smoothie's are great and I think the website is great that you can refer too. So far so good and I'm sure I will start losing weight very soon.