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About The Product

Healthpods, unique gifts to promote health and wellbeing. They are the modern, groovy alternative to gift baskets and hampers.

Presenting the Mamma Mia pod. Visting a new mum? Don't take flowers, they just cause more work (especially if already given en masse!). Take this opportunity to be unique...Our Mamma Mia pod is the perfect gift with beautiful and practical items for both the new mum and baby.


Patchwork dog toy, hot/cold gel pack, organic merino baby socks, eye mask, camomile and spearmint tea, HP signature teatowel, new baby information sheet, HP tin.

Check out our website www.healthpods.com.au to see other pods in the range:

Chill Pod, to help ease tension and still the mind.

Helping Hands Pod, for those with joint stiffness or pain.

Sweet Dreams, Trouble sleeping? This is the pod for you.

Product Reviews

Heather, Wilsonton Heights QLD


Healthpods are a great idea.
The perfect gift and pick me up.
A little something to help with everyday. It comes beautifully presented in a tin that can be reused. And a note explaining what each item in the tin is suggested for that made me tear up a little because somebody though about it all. From sleep to aches and pains this pod has you covered.

intensual, Ettalong Beach NSW


What a wonderful unique gift for a new mum with the Mamma Mia pod. Not only does she receive an eye mask and a hot and cold pack. But she can sit back and relax with a nice cup of herb tea while the baby can enjoy the cute little cotton sox and soft little toy. Not only that, the tin would come in handy for storage later. I would deficiently recommend this pod as the perfect gift for those pregnant mums at Christmas time.

Kny, Clyde North VIC


These Healthpods are such an amazing idea. So well thought out. There is just everything you need.

The Mamma Mia pod aimed at new Mum and Baby, including; camomile and spearmint tea to help you relax at night, a hot/cold gel pack, an eye mask, a Healthpod signature teatowel, organic merino baby socks, the cutest ever patchwork dog toy, as well as a sheet with new baby information sheet, all housed in a stylish re-usable silver tin.

There is just everything that you can think of, although a nice piece of chocolate or other treat would have been a welcome addition.

All items are of such high quality, and so well thought out. It is such an innovative alternative to always bringing a hamper of a bunch of flowers, and so time-saving too. Imagine how long it would take you to track down just a few of these items!

I love the idea, and I will definitely consider one of the other pods as a gift idea.

Tiffany100, Lavington NSW


This is a great set for a new Mum! with the toy and the socks for the baby and they eye mask and tea for the Mum to relax with and everything else that is included you couldn't really ask for anything more!
Great Products!!

Edwina30, Bentleigh East VIC


What a lovely gift pack for mum & bub. Being a new mum the tea and hot pack were in immediate use! The handmade patchwork dog is my favourite and a hit with my little one and is taken everywhere we go. Mamma Mia Healthpod is definitely a great gift idea covering all bases, quality products and nice to see a pack for both mother and baby. Definitely recommend.

Jacquelyn, Bowral NSW


This product was very well presented but it seemed a little masculine with all the black and grey.

I understand what they were trying to do with something unique and for the mum as well as the bub which is a great idea.

The bunny seems a little evil looking and the socks are grey (though very cute)...

I did like the hot cold pack - that was a great idea. and the eye mask for when mum tries a little catch up nap during the day while bub sleeps.