7 x Fairy Grease Cleaning Miracle gift packages

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About The Product

Washing up is a timely chore no more!

Britain’s number one dishwashing brand and global best-seller from Procter & Gamble, Fairy, is revolutionising dish-care in Australia. Along with 50 years of heritage, Fairy comes with heavyweight credentials including a global endorsement from food storage giant Tupperware.

Fairy, the anti-grease miracle, is known for cutting through grease with ease and for its ‘red-stain’ removal technology. The products help prevent grease and orange colour from food ending up on your plates and plastics. Working well in cold water and hot, a little bit of Fairy goes a long way.

Fairy comes in liquid and tablet form, suitable for any kitchen. Not only will Fairy clean the dishes but Fairy Platinum is the only dual action dishwasher tablet on the market that not only leaves dishes ‘sparkling clean’ but also maintains dishwasher cleanliness.

Fairy retails at $3.99 for fairy liquid, $14.49 (28 pack) and $20.99 (42 pack) for Fairy tablets and is available in all good retailers.


Product Reviews

S L Reed, Norwood TAS


What great products. The dishwashing liquid is extremely concentrated so you only need a small amount. The dishwasher tablets are very easy to use and everything comes out really clean. I would highly recommend these products.

LynnieG, Lenah Valley TAS


The Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets are amazing. On the very first use I noticed the coffee and tea china cups no longer had that slight stain in the bottom of the cup and the china looked sparkling white again. So much so that I put all my cups in the dishwasher and clean the lot. On top of this the tablets cleaned so well that it got the peanut butter of the knifes - somethings that only hand washing could do. Another great product was the Fairy antibacterial action liquid. Using a few squirts of this product gave me the piece of minds that the dish clothes were safely disinfected and allowed me to use the cloths for a bit longer before needed to replace them. The Fairy original claims 'Up to 50% Longer Lasting' and it is so true. With just the smallest amount it cuts through the grimes that comes with the pots and pans that need hand washing.

Thanks you Fairy, I loved all your products and they will go on my shopping list.

Roberto87116, Queens Park NSW


Fairy is instantly recognisable as a leading brand when it comes to the kitchen and it's easy to see why. A little drop of washing up liquid produced thick lather and foam and helped easily with the washing while the dishwashing tablets/liquid proved highly efficient in removing even the most stubborn of stains on plates and dishes in the dishwasher. highly impressed and will be switching over to Fairy in the future!

Francine6, Capalaba QLD


I grew up with Fairy Liquid in the UK and was delighted to find it had finally arrived in Aus. Fairy truly is soft and gentle on your skin, I have eczma and this product is gentle enough for me. It also goes a long way, one bottle of fairly liquid seems to have lasted twice as long as my regular dishwashing liquid. The lemon scented dishwashing liquid is my favourite.
In terms of the dishwashing tablets, my dishes do appear to emerge from the dishwasher sparklingly clean so I agree with the statement above, no stains or streaks just perfect to be placed back in the cupboard. I only have good things to say about this product, admittedly I've used it before and I've missed it so welcome to Australia Fairly Liquid!!

Cam7, Eltham North VIC


I loved this product. The Fairy dish washing liquid was great ~ I feel like my dishes are extra clean now. I will definitely be buying this product from now on...

Thank you so much for the opportunity to try it. I have already told all my friends how great it is and hopefully they will be using it soon too.

Thanks, Carol