7 x Double Movie Passes to The Man Who Knew Infinity

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In THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY, Dev Patel stars alongside Jeremey Irons and explores the brilliance of a man many believed could decipher the very fabric of the universe – possibly existence itself.

Driven by his destiny for a greater calling, Ramanujan’s (Patel) life was turned upside down when Cambridge professor, G.H. Hardy (Irons) discovered his talents and plucked him from obscurity in his homeland of India. The pair would go on to become unlikely friends and make up one of history’s most bewildering and productive collaborations. As mathematicians they worked on the most complex problems known to man.

THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY opens in cinemas May 5, 2016.

Product Reviews

Ian109, Mountain Creek QLD


The Man who knew Infinity,
It was a very inspiring movie thank goodness times have changed and people do not discriminate now as much as they did.
What this Indian man sacrificed to achieve something that was so natural for him,but the rest of Academic Professors did not want to recognise his Genius.
It is so sad that he died at the age of 32 years as he had so much to offer the academic world.

celka, Leumeah NSW


it was a great film. to see such an amazing smart man overcome all obstacles and follow his dream made me think about my dreams and whether to follow them. Friendships are very important in peoples lives because they make you enjoy life and who would of thought that mathematics could be so much fun and entertaining. enjoyed it lots recommend for others to see