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About The Product

Body Reducer BODY SLIP by Bella Bodies Shapewear - Today's fashion in Australia is a mix of lightness and soft materials but often we need to add just another layer to complement the garments for a sleeker and more polished look? THe Body Reducer Body Slip is the answer.

By adding an extra layer under your clothing to firm and shape your sillouette you will avoid the panty line and bra overflow issues , give medium control for the tummy and smooth the lumps and bumps whilst wearing this sexy addition under your clothing Your figure will take on a more hourglass look and with the versatility of being able to interchange straps to halter neck or crossover the Body Slip will go under any gorgeous dress. tunic or caftan summer or winter.

Comes in Latte and black

Size range: S – Small (48-62kg), M – Medium (56-82kg), V – Voluptuous (78-98kg), VV – Very Voluptuous (93-118kg).

See www.bellabodies.com.au for more information.

Product Reviews

norma, Malvern East VIC


I wore the Bella Body Slip for the first time today. I followed the instructions, and it was easy to put on, I didn't know if I could wear a bra or not, but I could along with knickers and tights.At first I thought under the arm might cause a little friction, but it didn't. I found the slip very comfortable to wear,in fact my man nearly chocked with delight when he saw me in it,ha ha. I don't how you could do it,but if only a little bit more tension in the tummy area, at least could help me. A long time ago when I was a slip of a girl courtin my man, we had step ins, or as the boys would call them tin pants,(buggers to get off,when in a hurry)they also had suspenders. Don't know if you could take something from that, a little more paneling in front, just a thought. Thank you for the opportunity of testing this slip out, it is a great idea, and easy to go to the bathroom. Also thank you for my knickers, which I am looking forward to wearing, hoping to get back into some of my good looking jeans. Thanks again, much appreciated, cheers Norma, take care, enjoy and smile

Kimberli63, Brindabella NSW


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this product. I have a "jelly belly". Yes, I know you don't want to know but those ladies, who have the same problem might be interested.
I can't say I looked stunningly thinner but I did look remarkably firmer, and that made me feel better about wearing clothes that I might, previously, have not dared to wear.

I found the item difficult to get on when I tried to ease it on after a shower. It is better to wait until the body has cooled down a bit. I, also found it difficult to pull up because I have arthritis in the hands. However, I found the easiest way to put the garment on was to put it over my head and use my elbows to stretch the fabric out. I then just rolled the fabric down to the level I desired.

I do appreciate looking sleekier whilst not being aware of wearing a tight undergarment. Thank you once again.

Kim, 61, Canberra