7 x AnyBook™ Readers

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About The Product

The AnyBook™ Reader by Franklin Electronic Publishers is an interactive handheld reading device that records your child’s favourite books. It uses your own voice so they can hear you read to them anytime, anywhere, even when you are not there.

The sturdy, pen-shaped tool allows you to read and record each page using a special sticker. Your child then touches the sticker with the AnyBook™ device to hear you read the story. It’s simple to use, does not require any software, programming or special books – it simply works straight out of the box.

The AnyBook™ recording stickers can be easily removed so they won’t damage your books, and if you make a mistake, you can delete and record again. There are even a series of fun sound effect stickers, such as farm animals or honking vehicles, that can be weaved into the story at appropriate places to bring the story to life.

AnyBook™ Reader is suitable for ages 3 and over. It is available online at www.franklinelectronics.com.au , Dick Smith Electronics, as well as Australia's leading book, gift, stationery and duty free stores.