60 x Well Naturally Cereal Bar Sets

About The Product

Well Naturally No Sugar Added Cereal Bars are a sustained, energy-boosting treat, perfect as a healthier morning or afternoon snack.

The ingredients in Well Naturally No Sugar Added Cereal Bars have been specially selected for their nutritional benefits. Plus, the bars are sweetened naturally with Stevia, not sugar. With a 4.5 health star rating, the bars are also an excellent source of fibre and are available in three varieties, each with the goodness and dietary fibre of puffed, brown rice.

  • Nuts: With peanuts, puffed quinoa and almond
  • Fruits & Seeds: With currant, sultanas, pepita seed and sunflower
  • Nuts & Seeds: With almond, sesame seed and linseed

Product Reviews

Nicola31, Belrose NSW


I tried the Nut bar - it was perfect for a sweet treat with my coffee this morning! Delicious, and I was impressed that all the ingredients were so healthy!

Thamalia, Victoria Point QLD


Personally wouldn't go out of my way for products that are gluten free, sugar free etc unless they were on sale...
But now after trying these bars I will be going out of my way as they were so delicious! Who would have known that something so healthy and nutritious could taste so good!

They have great flavours that make you want to eat more though you won't because they are very filling !
GREAT PRODUCT, definitely will be buying these products again!
My favourite was the nut: with peanuts and puffed Guinoa and almond

Jessica2108, Chifley ACT


These bars were delicious. I loved that I have no found a bar that is gluten free and tastes amazing and is filling enough for a snack.

Michelle2419, South Yarra VIC


These didn't last long in our house but my boys loved them and so did I. Yummy texture.

Deb, Dover Gardens SA


I liked all three flavours of these bars but especially the peanuts, puffed quinoa and almond. The bars were chewy but not too chewy and the ingredients were soft enough to make the bars enjoyable to eat. I don't usually buy cereal bars but I'm going to get some of these to keep for those mornings when I need to eat on the run.

Raga Karzon, Heckenberg NSW


extremely pleased, absolutely delicious and no sugar

Maddie48, Narrabri NSW


Absolutely loved these! So delicious, will definitely be buying them!