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About The Product

Almost one million Australians operate a business from home, taking advantage of digital developments such as cloud computing and social media to take their destinies into their own hands.

More and more of these start-ups are run by mothers looking to create a balance between spending time with their children, enjoying fulfilling work and paying the bills.

After starting her own business while at home caring for a baby, Johanna Baker-Dowdell decided to write Business & Baby on Board to help other women who are keen to try it for themselves.

Johanna shares the lessons she learnt first hand starting her business as a new mother along with those of a series of expert business mums, creating an informative how-to guide for women looking to plan, start and build a successful business.

Business & Baby on Board is filled with true stories and expert tips to provide inspiration to mothers who want to have it all; the family, the lifestyle, and the career.

Product Reviews

Penny$$1790, Ascot Vale VIC


A great little book! Lots of realistic lessons, ideas and practical examples. Also important for the busy mum-business woman: the length, gets straight to the point and is a manageable length. Noting that, it doesn't have any in depth business planning if that is what you're looking for.

Robyn336, Beacon Hill NSW


Business & Baby On Board - is a collection of informative interviews with successful business women. It is an inspiring book filled with stories, expert tips and honest advice for mothers wanting to start a business.

Kelly155, Claremont Meadows NSW


I really enjoyed the 'real stories' I could relate to some of them. These stories gave me new strategies to try as a mum and business owner.
A great read for any mum and even dad

Sheree170, Kialla VIC


Having a child, work? cost? and so many hiddens, so it was really great to read experiences from those who have achieved both and actually found the balance to do both and be happy!

Rebecca , Mundijong WA


Easy to read and understand. This book allowed me to take a series of journeys into the lives of business mumma's. Great advice and information. A must read for any mums thinking about starting their own business.

Lauren1319, Bannockburn VIC


This is a very informative book which has provided motivation to follow my dreams. I would highly recommend this book to any mother/father thinking of running their own business.

Hach, Penshurst NSW


Great read. Full of handy tips and ideas to juggle baby and business from real people and real situations. A recommended read for those who want it all!!!!

Chantelle171, Wallan VIC


Interesting, inspiring, empowering!

Janet7, Camira QLD


An inspiring book for the mum or in my case, mum-to-be who strives to maintain financial and career success and work/ life balance. If you have passion and a willingness to explore and grow both professionally and personally - this book is for you. It offers great ideas for the types of work you can do and how to run your business in a baby-friendly way. I found the real-life stories especially helpful. Far from being the 'end of my career' as move into motherhood I'm now excited about the new possibilities it brings - Freelance Writing career here I come!

Karren28, Tatura VIC


Thank you for allowing me to review 'Business & baby on board', what a great read, with some inspirational real situations to compare and decide which could be the best home business for the busy mum to contribute to the family income while caring for the kids. Have told my friends all about it and shared it with my daughters and they have told their friends, hoping all find great insight and success with this awesome little book.

Kirsten, Moorooka QLD


What an inspiring read! For all those women who think they can't 'have it all', this collection of amazing, true stories proves that you can. Reading the real-life stories of all those women who created their own successful businesses, while also enjoying motherhood, has really opened my eyes to what is possible if you have a dream and the determination to achieve it. Many readers will recognize the names in this book - both of the companies, and the women who created them! I loved the easy to read format, and especially the helpful tools and tips. I highly recommend this book to mums and mums-to-be, and to any woman (or man) who needs a reminder that we aren't 'the weaker sex'. Well done, Johanna - an excellent concept, brilliantly executed!

bexta75, Wembley WA


I found the book "Business & Baby On Board" an informative and interesting read. It was easy to read and contained numerous short chapters about the business stories of various business women , how they started, how they managed family and business life and advice to those considering starting a business. Most importantly the women showed that starting a business whilst having a family was very do-able and often very sucessful if it was done correctly and built from a good idea and these was a gap in the market for the product or service. Many of the women were people and businesses I had already heard of but some weren't.

I would recommend this book as a good starting point for those wishing to start a business whilst managing their daily life with a family.

Debra595, Barrack Heio NSW


The book is aimed at stay at home mums wanting to spend quality time with their children and their careers.
For people who are looking to start up a home business the information from the personal stories from this book is invaluable.
While full of lots of helpful suggestions from a wide range of successful mumpreneurs I found the info repetitive. But in saying that I'm not looking to be a work at home mum.

Juanita38, Forest Hill NSW


I was so excited to read this book and couldn't wait to get it into my hot little hands on it. Upon reading I liked the passion and acknowledgment of working women/mums in the workforce/family life scene and that we really are SUPER WOMEN! but was disappointed with the lack of information within each chapter, I would have loved to read more of an insight to their before stories then just the main subject of the book - 'going from business women to mum & mixing both'.
As a new mum with a 6 month old on a tight budget & trying to figure our whether or not to return to work earlier then planned, I thought this would have answered some of my own concerns.. But I've come to realise everyone's life is different, I'm not as high up as some of the mum's in this book, I have different struggles etc. to the mum's in this book, but that's ok.
I really loved the advice from each of the mum's in each chapter and intend to put it into use for my own work & life balance.
It was a great read and loved the real life stories.

Karina60, Maudsland QLD


As a stay at home mum myself I found this book very inspirational with loads of information to take that leap into the business from home world. Loved reading the individual stories of the mums.

SmittyDitty80, Googong NSW


The Business and Baby on Board Book book was easy to read and provided helpful advice. As a mum with two young kids, I've often thought how I'd love to work from home and be my own boss so I can manage my hours around my kids. I've always thought it would be too hard to set up, so I've never really put much thought into actually starting. This book is perfect for busy mums as it tells you all the things you need to know about starting a business and provides you with the confidence that you can really can do it if you want to!

Helen425, Springvale Sth VIC


Great subject matter as this area of working from home whilst looking after young children really interests me at the moment. Great to read interviews from mothers who have been successful in this area. My area of criticism is that it really jumps straight into the business and marketing matters such as public relations. Also there is no real mention of how to find support particularly for single mothers as lack of time is a real problem. Helen.

Pauline186, Port Denison WA


Business & Baby on Board was a pleasure and joy to read, loved the true stories gave me inspiration to plan and carry on with starting my own business. Loved the easy to understand book. I will be passing this highly helpful book onto my mum friends who thought they could never start their business with a young family

Donna177, Ararat VIC


This book gives some great insight into managing work and home. I found the many real stories informative and motivating. A good read for anyone wanting to start their own business. Unless it was really recommended I would be turn off by the price though.

Olga, Abbotsford NSW


A lovely easy to read book. Enjoyed reading the stories of these women who have been able to juggle their business and maintain a balanced family life. I particularly liked the layout of each story, background, tools and tips. The inclusion of resources, blogs and websites makes this a valuable sources for someone thinking and considering to venture down a similar path. Will be passing this book onto my daughter in law who will be having her first child in less than 2 weeks . Hope it inspires her to start something like these women.

Kirilee6, South Maroota NSW


Good read! Plenty of helpful advice and stories to get you started!

Megan594, Pennant Hills NSW


Business & Baby On Board is certainly a valuable resource for any mum considering becoming a business mum, or "Mumpreneur" as Dowdell puts it.

The layout of the book is clever and engaging, with numerous successful business mums, such as the founder of Boost Juice, Janine Allis, sharing their stories and top tips.

The book covers everything from getting started, marketing, networking and expanding your business, to the all important psychological side of running a business as a mum, including 'looking after you' and 'beating mother guilt'. It even deals with the difficult reality of what to do 'when you hit a speed bump' and how to start fresh.

Business & Baby On Board is an inspiring and motivating book for all mums wanting to get more out of life!

Paula24, Bundaberg QLD


An interesting and thought provoking read. Sharing real peoples stories really made the circumstances and experiences seem obtainable. A book that can be picked up many times, read over and over and be useful to so many situations.

Tonia25, Granville NSW


I found this book to be very informative - the first couple of chapters especially gave great insight into what areas to consider before starting up a business, Further on in the book, the chapters then focused on what you need to be mindful of after starting your business to ensure you are setting yourself up for success, rather than failure.
The book doesn't just focus on the business side of things, it also provides tips and guidance on how to keep organised and manage your home life in addition to the work from home business - not only does this book cover all stages of starting up a business, but also places value on the work life balance and how to acheive - a great read for anyone considering starting their own business. With my first child on the way - i will be reading this book again and thinking about what i can possibly do to start my own business.

Lorraine435, Fadden ACT


This is a highly accessible book – it’s written in a friendly and simple style and is slender and well set out. If you are considering setting up your own business, this provides a good overview of the reasons you might wish to do so, and some of the pitfalls and advantages. It also provides a good, albeit very general, guide to the first steps in establishing a business.

As the title suggests, it is particularly aimed at women who are considering establishing their own business to help them better manage their family commitments. In light of this, I was surprised at how little attention was paid to the specific problems of female entrepreneurs – notably, child care issues. However, it is certainly likely to help you assess clearly whether this is the right path for you.

If you decide to establish your own business, you will probably want to seek out some more technical and detailed resources and guides. However, this is absolutely a good starting point, and may in fact be something to return to periodically to help assess if you’re still achieving what you want.

Leonie138, Mickleham VIC


Great start for all the mums out there that are torn between work and home. This helps them think about their options and what realistically is achievable.

Tory, Woollahra NSW


This had some interesting tips and ideas to help get mothers motivated. It is so hard for mothers to co-ordinate work and babies and get that healthy balance.

They could have done a bit more but it was still pretty good.

Lorna56, Tarneit VIC


This book I found very helpful and inspiring however I personally couldn't put the examples to work for me. Maybe because my bub is only young and demands more attention??? Maybe something I will read again later and take away more from the book.

Debra115, Hackham West SA


The book really didn't give me enough information I had so many questions after reading the book.

Allison357, Crace ACT


Interesting and informative read with real life stories and tips. A great read if you are wanting to run your own business.

Saranne, Clare SA


This book was an interesting read, but it wasn't what I thought it would be about.
I was on the line of thinking it would give you some ideas of what you could do at home to create an income for your family while taking care of your children. So you wouldn't have to go back to fulltime work or have the expense of putting your child/ children into care. Its actually about people who have gone on maternity leave not really wanting to go back to that particular job and creating their own business, and short summary of stories of what they thought was the most important factor to them in getting to where they are now. So yes it was interesting in parts, but it lost me when the children were put into care and the husbands had to help look after the children and home duties as I thought this was what they were trying to avoid? 3&1/2 Stars

Kat, Scoresby VIC


This book is inspiring! As anew mum, who has just left the 9-5 corporate world- reading stories of trailblazing buisness women who have taken their passions and business skills and created their own buisness is great! After reading this book I am now excited to embark on my own entrepreneurial journey!