6 x Waterwipes Baby Wipe Hampers

About The Product

Patented technology has allowed WaterWipes to develop the world's purest baby wipe.  WaterWipes contain 99.9% purified water, and grapefruit seed extract...and that is it! Unlike other wipes on the market they contain no parabens, lanolin, alcohol, fragrance, or any of those other hard to pronounce chemicals that we would probably all think twice about putting on our families skin, if only we knew what they were, or what they did!

WaterWipes, are as pure as the cotton wool and boiled water that midwives worldwide recommend for use on your baby's skin, but more convenient. Being the only baby wipe in the world that contains no chemicals, they help prevent nappy rash and other sensitive skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, and can be used from birth.

WaterWipes are available from Coles or buy online now.

Product Reviews

Elinor, Dynnyrne TAS


I love using natural products where I can in my baby's and mine own routine. I am happy with the ingredients of this product, especially as it is 'kind' to Baby's bum and my face, when I use it to remove grime.
I noticed a difference in the health of my baby's backside, with decreased nappy rash and increased healing times. Sore spots were not so red.
I would definitely recommend this product and will be purchasing in the future.

Terina, Parafield Gardens SA


These wipes are great, they are really soft but still strong they do not get holes in them when you are using them. They are thick, you can not see through them like other brands. They stay wet which enables them to clean really well and are good for sensitive skin as they do not dry out and rub. There is no perfume smell. I would recommend them to any one.

Shanelle18, Mulgrave VIC


When babysitting my two-year old nephew, I only use the best products. With no children of my own, I need items that are effective, easy to use and gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. For the most part, WaterWipes meets all of these requirements with flying colours. WaterWipes are made of 99.9% water and contain no artificial fragrances. My nephew suffers from eczema and changes in routine products can easily cause skin irritation. However, unlike most commercial baby wipes, WaterWipes are gentle on skin and their use did not result in any flare-ups. These wipes are smooth in texture and will leave your baby's bottom clean and fresh. However, with a struggling toddler and use of only one hand, WaterWipes can be difficult to remove from their package and a larger surface area would make changing dirty nappies an easier process. The wipes easily fit in a normal-sized handbag (and nappy bag) and are easy to carry while on the move. Overall, I'm impressed with the quality of WaterWipes and will continue to use them bi-weekly when I'm on babysitting duty.