6 x Vitarium Sugar free Drink Packs

About The Product

Vitarium drinking mixes are perfectly crafted with just less than 10 calories per serve to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings in both children and adults, without the added sugar. The drinking mixes are enhanced with Natvia, Australia’s leading brand of natural sweetener.

Our Vitarium range includes two kids flavours, chocolate and strawberry, and the adults don’t miss out either with our rich chocolate flavour, perfect for consumers who seek a balanced, healthy lifestyle and for people who do not wish to compromise on taste.

With Vitarium, Australians have more reasons to say “YES” to tasty treats without the sugar rush, the excess calories, artificial flavours or additives. By switching to healthier food diet, we can help your family lead better lives. So, start by saying YES to Vitarium today, and keep the sugar and artificial nasties away. For more information, visit www.vitarium.com.au

Product Reviews

Caroline338, Mallacoota VIC


I simple loooove this product! Sweetened with Stevia (Natural plant derived sweetener), it has much less calories than drinks sweetened with cane sugar. It is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks that a lot of us, sweet tooth, crave for.

I have tried the different flavours : Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate (both the kid version and normal). Truth be told, I could not really tell any difference from the kid version of the chocolate to the normal version. I would have liked the normal version to be a bit more bitter like dark chocolate. Overall, all the flavours tasted fantastic. I was scared that the fruit flavour would taste too 'fake' but they had a nice milkshake/lollipop fruity flavour to them. My partner who's not a sweet tooth enjoyed them as well. His favourite was the Strawberry as it reminded him of a strawberry thick shake he use to have as a kid.

All the flavours work both hot and cold, as I have tried them. However, hot chocolate makes more sense than hot strawberry or banana shake! Having the flavours cold, adding ice to a good blender and low fat milk makes the drink thicker and froth up nicely.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who got a sweet tooth or have kids that love having milkshakes or hot chocolate. It is a great alternative, without compromising on taste.

Sonia14, Engadine NSW


Personally sugar intake is important to me, and I've had to forgo many little pleasures along the way for the sake of my health. So when I read the nutritional facts on this product I couldn't help thinking that the taste would be compromised due to the lack of sugars. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted, (since I monitor my blood glucose I can affirm no untoward upswings) . This product might not change or shake the world, but it certainly has made mine a little more pleasant.

Marion, Beaconsfield TAS


i found these drink mix flavours where very true and being sugar free was a bonus, mixed with ice & cold milk they were delicious, my grandson especially enjoyed the strawberry flavour. we also tried them with hot milk and that worked a treat very welcome on our cold days in tassy. i did however find that we had to use 4 or more teaspoons of the mix for each drink which i thought may make them a little expensive. thankyou for this oppurtunity to test your product my family & friends enjoyed it immensely & will buy this product.

Nina93, St Agnes SA


HI, I received the Kid's chocolate & the "adults" chocolate. We tried them a couple of times and I wasn't able to detect a difference, then I read the label and discovered that the wasn't one. Its good marketing because the kids did like the "kids' one better.

I don't like the taste of artificial sweeteners and although Natvia is natural, it has the same taste. IT tastes sweeter than sugar. I didn't like that part of it but I did like how smooth and chocolately it was. On to a winner with the kids they loved it and of course I don't mind them having it. Always on the lookout for healthier options. Thanks for the opportunity to try it.