6 x Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Paddle Brushes

About The Product

Loved for their ability to detangle and care for your hair like no other, Tangle Teezer once again revolutionize hair care with the introduction of the Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Paddle Brushes.
Completely re-thinking the hair brush, Tangle Teezer have created the Blow-Styling Paddle Brush to combat the big frustrations of drying and styling hair - it takes too long, it’s difficult to achieve salon quality results at home and hair can end up frizzy, flat or dull.

Utlising their patented SmartTeeth technology the Blow-Styling Paddle Brush has reinvented hair styling. The very fine tips enable the brush to ‘pick-up’ the hair and gently guide it to the lower part of the teeth. The way the hair snakes through the brush teeth ensure free-flow tension which removes excess moisture resulting in quicker drying times. Free-flow tension doesn’t stretch-dry which means lasting volume, movement and smoother, shinier hair. Finally, fixed-base teeth are stiffer than normal and are made from professional grade materials so they won’t bend or melt, which means heat is evenly distributed across the hair for consistent results.

Available in 2 sizes the Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Paddle Brush is the next step in your hair care regime, transforming the way you view drying and styling your hair.

Product Reviews

CHARITY12, Middle Ridge QLD


Good product, does its job right, durable , Love it ,

Lorna69, Dee Why NSW


I thought, as with every other sales pitch, that the advertised "shinier hair" and "quicker drying time" was going to be a load of tosh. I can assure you it isn't. My hair glistened, which it never usually does unless I use some sort of product. Also my drying time was cut considerably.
There was no breakage and it shaped my fringe perfectly. Definitely a winner! Don't be rough with this brush because it is very firm against your head.

Fiona973, Gulliver QLD


I have medium length thick straight hair and I love this hairbrush. It gives your head a massage at the same time giving beautiful straight soft hair when using your hair dryer. I would highly recommend this brush as it was gentle when detangling as well. I loved this brush.

Anu15, Red Hill ACT


my hair is normally very frizzy and showering makes it worse - found the brush helped alot

Emma2132, Ipswich QLD


Great brush!! Makea drying my thick hair super quick and easy!

Mandy108, Ormeau QLD


Loved the look of the brush....A little painful on scalp due to firmness of bristles.... Found that it decreased drying time which was great....Difficult to manage with a short to medium length cut due to size of the brush...Overall would probably sick with current paddle brush.... Thank you for allowing me to try your product.

Mandy108, Ormeau QLD


The Brush looks amazing and has a great feel in the hand....I unfortunately found the bristles too hard for my scalp and was a little painful. I had also had a haircut prior to receiving the product to shorter medium style and found that the paddle was a little to large. On the upside I found that my hair did indeed dry at a very quick rate which in turn made it feel soft and manageable.

CHARITY12, Middle Ridge QLD


Good quality, durable, light weight, works magic. However very hard on sculp . Love it though