6 x Sunbeam Glide® Plus Steam Generators

About The Product

Sunbeam have been experts in ironing for more than 85 years and they have now made ironing even easier with the Pro Glide® Plus Steam Generator which allows you to power through your ironing in half the time. 

The Sunbeam Pro Glide® Plus 8700 ($399) has been designed and engineered in Australia.  It is compact in size for easy storage and the lock and carry function makes it’s easy to transport around the home.

The appliance delivers exceptionally high performance with 5 bars of steam pressure and 110g/min steam output and has an ergonomic steam trigger lock which can generate constant steam without the need to hold a button. It has a large 1.4L water tank which can be continuously refilled and also has an extra-long 3m power and 2m steam hose for maximum mobility. With a speedy warm up time you will be ready to iron in a mere two and a half minutes.  As an all in one iron and vertical  garment steamer, your ironing capabilities with the Pro Glide® Plus will far exceed current appliances. Whatever your ironing habits, Sunbeam is dedicated to developing irons that are suitable for the Australian Consumer.


Product Reviews

Natalie1006, Casuarina NSW


I love this iron! I have never used a steam iron before, but it has made my ironing so much quicker and easier. I now can iron my hard to iron dresses with ease.

Shane83, Dunsborough WA


What a fantastic product, was dubious about the claim that it would cut ironing time in half, but happily this turns out to be true. The iron is easy to use, the instructions are simple, and once it has warmed up, it powers through everything. The length of the steam hose is excellent, as my ironing board is not the most stable, but sitting the base on the floor, it easily reaches the full length of the board, no troubles at all. The other advantage I have found is that the iron is quite light, so makes ironing less of a chore, unlike some of the irons we have had in the past, which once full of water are quite clunky and heavy. I was also amazed at the amount of steam it generates, it absolutley cranks through the water in the tank, it makes that much steam. All in all, a fantastic product, anyone that hates ironing will love this, as it really does make ironing less of a chore, will never be a fan of ironing myself, but this iron certainly makes things a lot less painfull.

Katieanne, Hillston NSW


I think this is a awesome iron I have done more ironing then ever its so easy to use the only thing I would suggest would be a bag to keep it in when its packed away.