6 x Phytocare Kick Start Packs

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About The Product

At Phytocare we embrace what nature provides and use our manufacturing knowledge and belief to provide the purest most ethical products we can.

Start 2013 feeling your best with the Phytocare Kick Start Pack. The pack includes:

1 x 25g Papaya Ointment – Multipurpose ointment that can be used on lips, as an eye cream, on patches of dry skin, minor bites, cuts and stings as well as babies bottoms.

1 x Stress B Forte 50’s – Multivitamin and mineral supplement to help boost energy and nutrient levels.

1 x Daily C – 30 Sachets – Individual daily sachets of 1000mg of Vitamin C. These convenient sachets lock in freshness and assist the body cleanse after the crazy Christmas and NY period.

2 x SOS Fruit Strap packs – Crunchy & Smooth – A nutritious snack’s containing ONLY fruit and Chia seeds

1 x Omega Smooth Lemon - This amazing Cod Liver oil emulsion must be tasted to be believed. It has a smoothie taste and texture and is a tasty and sweet way to boost your daily Omega Intake.

Product Reviews

Micko10, South Penrith NSW


WOW, what an amazing pack. This has inspired me to kick start a healthier me! The fruit straps are yummy and equivalent to a piece of fruit! Great for the kids too! The Papaya ointment is wonderful and smells delicious. I love the vitamin C and convenience of the sachets. Its nice not to always have to take a tablet too! Wonderful pack and would be great as a present too!

Jenny78, North Strathfield NSW


PAPAYA OINTMENT;love that there are no petrochemicals. Feels good on the lips but I prefer no flavour in my lipgloss. Applied to a bite and it felt soothing but it made an oily stain on my pjs(came out in the wash)
STRESS B FORTE;arrived in time for me to take before my holiday when I was stressing big time about going on my first cruise.I believe that this really helped me to get everything organised without losing it. I am nearly finished and fully intend to buy more and keep taking this product every day.
DAILY C; Taking this effervescent powder really, really helped me on the first few days of the cruise when I was feeling slightly sea sick. Tastes great and I love the bubbly feel going into your body. Will have to buy some more soon as almost finished my supply.
FRUIT STRAPS; I like to keep a healthy snack in the car for when my body needs some nutrition. These are perfect for this. I like them both but I prefer the crunchy.
OMEGA SMOOTH LEMON; when I collected my parcel from the PO, it was left in the sun in a very hot car so this product may have been tainted. If I take it without shaking it very,very well it has an extremely strong taste of cod liver oil. I believe in the importance of Omega 3 and I know that heat and light can affect it so I will have to try this again before making up my mind about the product.

Lesley280, Eastern Heights QLD


Themultivitamins were realy good and the papaya ointment helped with my dry lips and grandsons nappy rash. The daily c sachets tasted great as well as the fruit straps which my grandsons also enjoyed (they are 3 and 4). I didnt enjoy the flavour of the smooth lemon

Melanie, Clarkson WA


I was expecting the worst as in my experience all health medicines and vitamins usually do not taste too good. Well after trying out this Phytocare pack I was a little surprised....especially with the papaya ointment which I was able to utilise immediately on my sunburned arms and very dry nose. This ointment instantly delivered the moisture that was missing and it cooled my red hot sunburned skin. Very very happy with this ointment and I have already screamed its praises to some of my family and friends.
Out of the fruit straps I preferred the crunchy straps as they had a nicer flavour that lingured and the crunch was an added bonus. They are a good midday snack that will tie you and the kids over until dinner.
The satchets of vitamin C are a really convenient and nifty idea. The first time I tried one I did not have enough water in my glass so the taste was a little bitter but after that mistake my second effort was a whole lot better. There was no aftertaste or bitterness.
The Omega Smooth Lemon drink did not sit well for me. Although the texture was smooth and creamy I did not like this liquid at all and unfortunately for me I could not get rid of the aftertaste quick enough. My husband also tried this liquid and then said that he would rather stick to taking the fish oil in tablet form as in this liquid he could clearly taste the fish oil which was not pleasant at all. After about half an hour he also said that when he burped he could still taste the fishy taste.
Lastly, the Stress Forte Multivitamins are huge tablets but fantastic and I will be using these everyday to help keep me healthy on the inside and to assist me when days become stressful and chaotic. All the health benefits in one tablet and to be taken only once a day is pure brilliance. No need to be taking up to 3 or more vitamins per day, its all here in the one pill.
So my final thoughts and experience is that
after such a short time on this phytocare pack I have experienced some benefits already, I feel a little healthier and have a bit more energy and my outlook is alot brighter. I would definitely recommend this kit (minus the lemon omega liquid) to anyone looking for a kick start to a healthier life.