6 x PAIRED Cookbook - Champagne and Sparkling Wines

About The Product

The food and wine matching recipe book for everyone by David Stevens-Castro & Fran Flynn.

Now food and wine pairing is accessible to everyone – all you need is taste buds and a sense of adventure.

This beautifully presented full colour recipe book, hosted by husband-and-wife team, wine expert David Stevens-Castro and food photographer Fran Flynn, will encourage and support you to discover the pleasure of matching food and wine for yourself.

This first volume showcases sparkling wines of all styles, and challenges usual perceptions by offering tantalising home-cooked recipes for every course of a meal.

The book is narrated with a lighthearted and accessible style of language aimed at everyone with an interest in food and wine pairing. Terminology is demystified, wine labelling is explained, common misconceptions are dispelled and wine locations of the world are beautifully showcased. The recipes offer a broad range of dishes with an emphasis on sharing and entertaining, plus a great variety of cheeses are discussed as a special feature.

Overall an informative, enjoyable and absorbing read that can take pride of place on your coffee table and make many trips to your kitchen, while you introduce your friends to food and wine pairing as well.

Paired: Champagne & Sparkling Wines is available from all good bookstores nationwide, on our website and internationally from amazon.com.

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Product Reviews

Reece25, Paddington NSW


This is a wonderful book that explains sparkling wines and the best way to store and serve them along with dozens of lovely recipes to pair with them. I especially loved the charts explaining the different properties of the wine and the food pairings. This would be an ideal present to give as an engagement or new home present (along with a lovely bottle of wine). It is my new go-to cookbook for entertaining guests in our home.

My husband also really enjoyed reading about the different characteristics of wine and how best to store them. He is now combing through the book for our next game night.

Can't wait to add the next books to my collection.

Denyse3, Tempe NSW


I love this book! It's full of great information and inspiration (and recipes). I have to admit that I didn't know there were so many sparkling wine variations and the Quick Tip pages have been a great way to get up to speed quickly.

I had already added this cookbook to my Christmas list after reading their review in mrandmrsromance.com blog. Getting it to review for free was the perfect early present!

Mucho Thanks,

Amie152, Mount Sheridan QLD


Upon picking up this book and feeling the heaviness of it, I was excited at the prospect of how much I was going to learn on the topic of wine/food pairing. And I certainly was not disappointed!

I used to think that the act of co-ordinating wines with different foods was strictly for wine connoiusseurs and posh country club dinners. I've spent years just picking up any old champers to enjoy with friends over for nibblies or dinner, thinking it didn't matter - it still washed it down nicely. How wrong was I?! Since reading this book I have discovered the world of wine pairing and I will never look back.

The book starts with offering the basics - teaching the different types of wines, flavours, origins etc. I liked the table-style information (simple layout, easy to follow), and also enjoyed using the flow-chart. The recipes look amazing and I'm particularly looking forward to trying the Tagliatelle Marinara and pairing it with an NV New World Sparkling.

The quality of book is exceptional with its hard cover, vibrant colours, high quality paper (and has my favourite 'new book smell'). The images throughout the book are exquisite, with no backgrounds/settings overdone or tacky - just simple and classy. The title pages that separate the sections of the book, (Cava, Prosecco etc) are minimalist and extremely attractive. The bookmark ribbon is useful in this type of book, too.

Overall this is a fantastic book, and would make the ideal gift. I loved having the opportunity to read and experience this book, and look forward to keeping an eye out for volume 2 so I can continue the learning journey! Many thanks.

Linda, Ngunnawal ACT


Finally my passion for food, cooking and champagne has finally been rewarded all in the one book with this Try It, Rate It prize. If anyone was ever meant to win this it was me.

Imagine my delight to learn that my insistence on drinking champagne with EVERYTHING is actually socially acceptable. I found the basic food pairing and food groups to style of bubbles guide a fascinating read, especially the cheese pairing suggestions. I found the "technical bubble talk" understandable, informative and interesting. As an avid home cook I found the recipes a bit on the basic side, having said that though I really enjoyed the fresh tastes of the food with the bubbles and the recipes I tried had great balance in flavours.

For me personally as a collector of recipes and recipe books over the last 40 years I found the styling of some of the food photos a bit on the white and bland side.

Overall I really enjoyed the concept of this book and anything that has bubbles in it is bound to make people happy and bring a smile to their face ... well it did for me.

Linda Fox