6 x Kawaii TOKYO® Sets

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About The Product

Pore Solution: Juicy Peeling gel for the face and body, without the use of abrasive acid derived from natural fruits helps to get rid of hard to remove make up, dirt and keratin from skin pores.

Spot Solution: For women concerned with particular areas of skin, we suggest this lipstick-style stick application beauty serum. Composed of 85% long-lasting Vitamin C derivatives and Chromabright® developed to troubleshoot sunburn and other skin problems. Also contained licorice extract–the so-called exalted king of medicinal herbs. The end product is a potent formula that directly combats worrisome areas of skin. A highly efficient and reliable aging care product, ideal for everyday use as well.

Junsi: Extravagantly ‘pure’ moisturizing water, produced by blending natural vanadium water from the mineral-rich realm of Mt. Fuji with 10 flower extracts high in skincare effects, then further adding herbal water (distilled water extracted from refined oil) touted as the ‘purest water on the planet.’ In a spray-style that releases a soft mist exuding a luxuriantly healing floral fragrance (orange flower).

Make Up Remover: Water-base formula makeup remover to keep skin moist! With a blend of five plant-derived extracts and natural essential herb oil, this makeup remover will revitalize your skin without causing any damage. No matter how much makeup you use and how often you use it, the return to a natural, makeup-free face is easy and trouble-free. Enjoy the faintly sweet aroma of geranium essential oil!

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All the products of kawaii TOKYO® are certified as HALAL

and free from both animal-based ingredients and alcohol.

Product Reviews

estar, Sunshine VIC


I recieved the Spot Solution and a moisturiser. I haven't had enough time to notice any results using the Soft Solution. The moisturiser was nice. It felt silky and light on my skin. It was also fragance free, which I liked.