6 x Gillette Limited Edition Australian Razor Packs

About The Product

Gillette has launched a Limited Edition Fusion ProGlide Australian Razor featuring a patriotic green and gold handle. Providing the best shaving performance delivered by Gillette’s steel blades, fans and players alike can now show their passion and loyalty to their team colours on their razor’s handle. 

Gillette knows that when it comes to football, nothing else matters. The new Limited Edition Fusion ProGlide Australian Razor is a daily affirmation of a nation that stands proudly behind its soccer players - wearing their colours on the outside, their Inner Steel within.

Now fans can show off those colours during their daily shave with a razor that helps men start each day looking and feeling their best, while reaffirming their passion and commitment to their team.

The Limited Edition Fusion ProGlide Australian Razor has a brilliant new look and the same finer blades that allows the razor to glide effortlessly through hair, providing incredible comfort by reducing tug and pull. Gillette’s latest razor gives the same comfortable shave thanks to five low-cutting-force blades and an advanced low resistance coating. In addition, a blade stabiliser maintains optimal blade spacing allowing blades to adjust to the contour of a man’s face delivering a close shave, every day.


Product Reviews

Jessica1732, Camberwell VIC


The Gillette Limited Edition ProGlide razor has changed my perspective on shaving. I usually use disposable no-name razors that leaves me with red, bumpy irritated skin. The ProGlide razor provides a smooth shave that does not tug on my facial hair. Coupled with the Gillette ProGlide cooling shaving gel, I am happy to report that my days of irritated skin after shaving are over! The precision trimmer is a touch of genius and makes styling facial hair effortless. All Fusion cartridges can also be used with all Fusion handles. Very convenient!

Lisa102, Woodford QLD


these razors are amazing - results last longer, I have always used cheaper razor in the past and there is no comparison. will be buying this product in the future.

Leanne84, Green Point NSW


Thankyou so much for sending me these products to try and rate
my 20 year old son hss been trailing them and I have too
we are very impressed with the quality, ease of using them no nicks and cuts a definite winner

Anne, Ashwood VIC


My 16 year old son tried this razor and was very impressed with how smooth it was to use. He also liked the lubrication strip which made the shave very gentle on his skin. It gave him a very good close shave. The shape of the head meant that he didn't nick himself which is very important! The handle is very easy to hold and made the shaving experience very easy and enjoyable. A great product for everyone.

Tess90, Ermington NSW


The Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor is amazing! It gives such a close shave, leaving skin smooth and soft. The limited edition Australia design is a cute touch. My husband is very pleased with this product and will definitely continue to buy ProGlide.