6 x Frunique’s NECKLACE STAND

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About The Product

For lovers of jewellery who struggle to remember what pieces they have stored away or battle with tangled balls of bling, Frunique’s NECKLACE STAND is the answer! Created for displaying necklaces in the home, this highly polished chrome Necklace Stand offers an elegant modern solution to caring for jewellery.

To display necklaces, simply thread around the sweeping arm. For longer necklaces, loop these first and extra chunky ones can be draped over the arm. Once full with necklaces, a stunning chandelier effect results with the different colours and textures on display, creating a unique object of art!

Frunique customer Alex Brown immediately saw the benefits of her new Necklace Stand “I used to wear the same necklace everyday – I’d take it off at night, put it beside my bed and then wear it again the next day. Easy but boring! With this new Necklace Stand my whole collection is at my fingertips and I’ve started wearing pieces I’d forgotten about – it’s like getting a whole new jewellery collection. Having a stand full of necklaces in my bedroom is also a gorgeous feature in itself, very très chic!”

Visit www.frunique.com.au to purchase a designer Necklace Stand for $89, with free shipping and 100% money back guarantee. Alternatively, Frunique’s website lists retailers stocking its products in your local area.

Product Reviews

Kimberley64, Baringa QLD


very pretty, well made, looks of good qualty and the right size to hold numerous necklaces without them getting tangled. the stand makes it easier to see the necklaces and is a great display.

Mummasass , Boyne Island QLD


The product is extremely well made and is very sturdy, it can hold all of my necklaces including the very heavy pieces. I have even used it for some of my earrings and watches as its that we'll made.