6 x Filigree Riva Cordless Roller Blind Sets

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About The Product

One to two Australian children die each year after being strangled by blind or curtain cords. Between 2001 to 2008, there were at least 11 deaths as a result of this in Australia alone. Heartbreakingly, nine of these were children under three years of age.

With this in mind, Australian ready-made blind Wholesaler, Filigree has released its new “Riva Cordless Roller Blind”. With no unsightly cords or dangerous long chains, the blind features a slow release system that allows it to be put up or down. By a gentle pull on the bottom bar the blind rolls itself up, stopping at the top, or where you direct it to. Loose curtain and blind cords are a strangulation hazard to children, even when raised. The “Riva Cordless Roller Blind” is the safest family blind option, including no long cords or chains, no strangulation hazards and no warning tags required.

The blinds are also modern, sophisticated and sleek and will suit just about any decorating style. Other benefits of the “Riva Cordless Roller Blind” include; easy to clean, durable block out blind, fittings included and energy savings. Filigree Blinds’ “Riva Cordless Roller Blind” is exclusively distributed through Spotlight.

For further information visit:

www.filigree.com.au or www.spotlight.com.au

Product Reviews

Dannibella, Para Vista SA


I am very happy with my new “Riva Cordless Roller Blind" from Filigree Blinds. It is cordless and i don't have to worry about any hazards "stragulation hazards" with little children. It was very easy to install & easy to use, plus it has a modren sleek look and easy to clean. I am looking forward to summer now and saving money because its also a durable blockout blind. I highly recommend this brand of blinds.
For further information visit:
www.filigree.com.au or www.spotlight.com.au