6 x Everdure e churrasco Gas BBQ's

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About The Product

The e churrasco is a world first gas start charcoal barbecue which allows you to start cooking in no time.

Cooking with the e churrasco gives all the flavour of charcoal cooking resulting in a beautiful colour and smoky flavour. Red and white meats, fish and vegetables can be cooked on the e churrasco and using the skewer accessory, you can replicate the experience of skewered meat cooked over coals.

There is something distinctive and special about the flavour of food that is cooked on charcoal barbecues, however, no one likes to take the time that it takes to set up a charcoal barbecue. Combining the flavour of charcoal cooking with the speed and convenience of gas ignition which allows you to start cooking in under 15 minutes. This compact barbecue allows you to cook on your deck or on your balcony making it a versatile and exciting way to enjoy the churrasco experience.

Product Reviews

Danielle831, Melbourne VIC


We first tried out our e churrasco bbq on an ordinary week night when we had some chicken breast planned for dinner. Instead of cooking the chicken in a pan as we usually would, in a spur of the moment we decided to try out our new bbq! It was so quick and easy, yet made the meal so much better than usual. The coals took under 15 minutes to light and once lit we turned off the gas, so it is quite cost effective. We butterflied the chicken and covered with marinade and cooked it on the grill. It cooked in around 15-18 minutes and charred nicely without burning or being too charcoalled. The smell and taste was delish, and turned a simple week night meal into a meal that much nicer. No complaints about cleaning, we left the coals to burn out before soaking the easy to remove grill and emptying the handy drip tray. Highly recommend the e churrasco as a great charcoal tasting grill without being too time consuming or messy. Easy to use and also portable, a great and convenient option for that delicious charcoal taste.