6 x Cosmic Multi Width Eyelet Curtain Sets

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About The Product

Eyelet curtains are an easy yet stylish curtain for your window dressing. They are continuing to increase in popularity for the modern day home. Filigree’s Cosmic Multi Width Eyelet Curtain is a modern, blockout jacquard curtain that features a contemporary geometric design. The Cosmic curtain series is available in a range of the latest fashion colours and will add that finishing touch to any room.

Coming in to Winter, blockout curtains are also a valuable must-have in your home. Just a single degree fall in temperature in your home can add 10% to your heating bill. Not only do blockout curtains give you considerable heat loss savings, they effectively reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

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Product Reviews

missy, Toorak VIC


I had wanted blockout curtains for the longest time & getting these were a dream come true.
I absolutely love these curtains !
I was taken aback with the quality of them. The blockout fabric on the them made a noticeable difference in keeping our lounge-room warmer Winter & sure to keep it cooler in the coming Summer.
They are of substantial thickness but not too heavy, making them easy to open & close with large elegant silver eyelets.
The subtle modern pattern gives the curtains a great designer look.
I'm really proud to show guests into our home as it feels so modern & elegant now, thanks to Filigree!
I highly recommend them!
Thanks to Lifestyle Home for allowing us to review this beautiful product.

jules56, Moe VIC


Great colour for my room. Easy to install. Great sun blocker in summer also in winter keeps the heat in the room.

jules56, Moe VIC


I had no trouble putting the curtains up, the block out quality was very good in helping to retain heat during this cold winter.
I am sure they will be equally good at keeping heat out during summer.
The colour matched very well with the bedroom which was an added bonus.