6 x Breville Thermal Pro Stainless Frypans

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About The Product

One of the most versatile kitchen appliances, the electric frypan, has been transformed by Breville. Used for cooking everything from pancakes to paella, the new Breville Thermal Pro stainless delivers precision simmer control and even heat distribution, solving the greatest frustrations of electric frypan cooking.

This kitchen must-have is engineered with the thermostat closer to the heating element. This allows faster detection and recovery of temperature fluctuations for consistent even heat across the entire cooking surface. No more hot or cold spots, which is ideal when cooking fish patties, pancakes or blinis with both sides perfectly golden from edge to edge.

The cast-in 2400 watt butterfly element delivers powerful heat while the unique construction and probe ensures precise temperature control, optimal heat retention and efficient transfer to cooking surface.

The latest engineering and superior performance is complemented by a sleek new look with an integrated base design that can go from kitchen to table. With a 25 year warranty, the new banquet style Thermal Pro features cast stainless steel handles, pan tilt, 15 heat settings, a trivet for steaming and roasting and is dishwasher safe.

Brevillle Thermal Pro stainless (BEF500) $169.95 rrp

Breville enquiries: 1300 139 798 or www.breville.com.au

Product Reviews

sabrina222, Ballajura WA


I liked the design of this frypan, it looks modern and is easy to use.

It warmed up quickly and I cooked a fried rice and adjusted the thermostat to a medium.

I added vegetables like onion,capsicum and snowpeas and they cooked quickly and beautifully.

It was so easy to add the rice and I cooked a very large quantity due to the large capacity of the frypan.

Once the lid went on I could see exactly what was happening and which is such bonus.

The heat distribution was very good, other frypans I have had, often had hot or cold spots, but not this!

My fried rice was cooked to perfection and I really enjoyed my new frypan, even cleaning it was easy!

LV79, Trafalgar VIC


this was a great size electric frypan, fits plenty to feed lots of people. looks stylish, cooks evenly, unlike my old electric frypan, very easy to use, very easy to clean. a great gift idea i think, especially with xmas coming up

Anne, Ashwood VIC


I love this frypan. It is large enough to cook meals for the whole family. The heat controls are excellent. I can sear steaks, cook a roast to perfection or simmer casseroles. The constant heat means that it doesn't stop boiling once it has reached the desired temperature. Everything cooks quickly and evenly.

Plus, it is like having another oven in the kitchen. making meal preparation very easy.

The polished stainless steel surface is very easy to clean.

I would thoroughly recommend it.

Michelle97, Beechworth VIC


I've had frypans in the past and used them twice. I wasn't happy with the way it cooked. Tonight I've cooked steak in the frypan and my husband stated that it was the best steak he has had all year. I seared the outside and then cooked the steaks slowly on number 8. I will definately be using this wonderful product again. Everyone should have a Breville Thermal Pro Stainless Frypan