6 x Breville Thermal Pro Non-stick Frypans

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About The Product

Frypans that will revolutionise home cooking

One of the most versatile kitchen appliances, the electric frypan, has been transformed by Breville. Used for cooking everything from pancakes to paella, the new Breville Thermal Pro non-stick delivers precision simmer control and even heat distribution, solving the greatest frustrations of electric frypan cooking.

This kitchen must-have is engineered with the thermostat closer to the heating element. This allows faster detection and recovery of temperature fluctuations for consistent even heat across the entire cooking surface. No more hot or cold spots, which is ideal when cooking fish patties, pancakes or blinis with both sides perfectly golden from edge to edge.

The cast-in 2400 watt butterfly element delivers powerful heat while the unique construction and probe ensures precise temperature control, optimal heat retention and efficient transfer to cooking surface.

The latest engineering and superior performance is complemented by a sleek new look with an integrated base design that can go from kitchen to table. With a 25 year warranty, the new banquet style Thermal Pro with PFOA free non-stick, features cast stainless steel handles, pan tilt, 15 heat settings, a trivet for steaming and roasting and is dishwasher safe.

Brevillle Thermal Pro non-stick (BEF450) $129.95 rrp

Breville enquiries: 1300 139 798 or www.breville.com.au

Product Reviews

Kerry312, Mudgeeraba QLD


What an absolutely wonderful cooking product we love it : we christened it by cooking Spaghetti Bolognese that turned out delish !!! and we've been cooking in it ever since ,cooked breakfast meals all in the one pan not 3 different pans , everything cooks so evenly, temperature control is perfect for our cooking style as we like to cook our meals in the afternoon ready for teatime. Glass cover lid is a great addition and a hit with hubby , so easy to clean which is a hit with me , just a quick wipe over , we leave it on our bench top no packing it away in the cupboard as the design goes with our decore and looks modern and slick : all in all Im so glad I got to try it and I rate it 5 an more !!!

Hollie45, Catherine Hill Bay NSW


I've been skeptical about electric frypans after consistently waiting half an hour for them to heat up to then have burnt pancakes, undercooked curries and dry, tasteless meat. I should've bought a Breville. It heated up so quickly, has quickly replaced the BBQ, grill and stove top frypan and doesn't dry my food out or cook it unevenly. My curries have never tasted so good and I'm already recommending it to friends and family. 5 stars!!!!

craig3010, Albion Park NSW


Excellent frypan. Even heat throughout the cooking surface, unlike every other electric frying pan I have used in the past. Heat remains consistant during cooking time so your meat doesn't start to stew if you don't keep a constant eye on it. Looks great. The lid is nice and light so you don't break your back getting it out of the cupboard.
Without a doubt the best frypan I have ever used.

Amy632, Harrison ACT


I absolutely LOVE this frypan!! My biggest pet peeve with frypans usually is that even if they say non-stick, I still end up having to scrape burnt bits off the bottom...but not with Breville!
We are big pancake enthusiasts in our house, and I always struggle to get it right...but with the Breville Thermal Pro non-stick, I'm able to get perfect pancakes every time! Oh and I love that it is dishwasher safe!!