6 x Bellabaci Massage Cup Sets

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About The Product

Based on traditional Chinese cupping therapy, Bellabaci massage cups are a modern take on a proven and ancient healing art. Bellabaci is leading the way for thousands of women worldwide who are experiencing incredible results in reducing and ultimately eliminating their stubborn cellulite and their feelings of low self-esteem and insecurity.………………….. Bellabaci addresses the cause directly and is without a doubt the best, easiest, logical, affordable and natural way to get rid of cellulite for good!

If you lead an active, healthy lifestyle and you are still struggling with your the cellulite nightmare, if you have given up hope on finding a cellulite treatment that actually works, Bellabaci is the answer to your “orange peel” problems, call it the final “get rid of cellulite”solution….an easy 4 step, 10 minute per day massage technique using Bellabaci cups will leave you amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness, with improvement results from day one.

No need for expensive spa and cream treatments, ridiculous diets and exercise regimens, get your long lasting Bellabaci cups, use them in the shower or bath and see them work almost immediately. Say goodbye to your cheesecake thighs without breaking the bank, wear or “unwear” whatever you like with confidence, be your sexy self…become a Bellabaci girl".

Product Reviews

di52, Moonee Ponds VIC


I had to start off slowly as I found the massage painful but I do have a lot of cellulite Make sure you use the soft cup on the arms as they are too sensitive for the hard cups I have been impressed with the Bellabaci Massage cups The first improvement I have noticed is that my spider veins are disappearing. You will notice the increase of blood flow to the legs during the massage I really like the improvement to my cellulite after 10 days Using the face cup is like a facial great improvement to my broken capillaries and it has helped my sinus If you have cellulite then give this product a go as you will see results

estar, Sunshine VIC


I was very eager to try out the Bellabaci cups. I have been massaging them daily over the cellulite on my thighs. It has only been three weeks and I have noticed some difference, the skin appears a little smoother and the cellulite a little less noticeable. I am pleased with the results so far and I will continue to use them.

Mary, Grange SA


I love using the facial cups - I use a good quality massage oil and the cup massage feels great and cups very easy to use - the instructional video was also very good. I have only been using for a short while and haven't notice reduction in wrinkles, however have noticed improvement in the tone of my skin. I also suffer from tension headaches and find massaging my face with the cups to be very soothing.
The body cups I found a little more difficult to manage and using the first few times found it to be hard work. I would suggest using everyday in the shower - if you have the time - as this was easier than with massage oil! I have only been using for a short while (and probably not as consistently as required) and haven't noticed a significant difference in skin tone as yet but feels great and am keen to keep using.