6 x Bamboo Baby Sleeping Bags

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About The Product

Organically grown and chemical free our bamboo baby sleeping bags are perfect for sensitive skin and eczema sufferers. They are very practical with a 5 point harness slot for pram or car seat use and a bottom opening zip for easy nappy changes. Sized for use until 2 years old Natural Kids bamboo baby sleeping bag allows you to invest in one size sleeping bag until your child moves into a traditional bed. www.naturalkids.com.au

Product Reviews

Becky, Yea Vic VIC


I loved it! And so does my son, it keeps him snug as a bug and i dont have to worry about harful chemicals rubbing on his skin, the bottom opening zip makes nappy changes a breeze and getting him out of the car so easy!

Morena, Duncraig WA


When I received the bamboo sleeping bag, the first thing I noticed was how amazing the fabric felt. I couldn't wait to try it on my terrible sleeper - my daughter wakes up several times a night, with her blanket thrown away. As she is 18 months old, I didn't think to try a sleeping bag. I was actually surprised to see that you could buy one sleeping bag to take them from baby to toddler - how clever!

Well, the first night she looked so cute in it and went off to sleep, no problems. Because of habit, I still woke up, surprised that I hadn't heard her crying. When I checked on her, she looked as snug as a bug - she had still managed to throw her blanket away - but she was still comfortable and fast asleep. It's been a week now, and she's sleeping through the night - thank you so much.

For quality and the fact that you can use this sleeping bag for such a long time - I highly recommend it. Also, a great present for a new bub - something they won't grow out of too quickly.

Linda, Burleigh Heads QLD


Loved it, was easy to put my bubs in and out.
I could also keep him rugged up & warm or leave him in just a nappy and make him nice and cool when warmer.
He is big kicker and always kicks the covers off so with the sleeping bag i never had to worry about him getting cold. I also really loved the fact that I could put him in the car still wearing the bag thought that was a really great feature.