56 x Washing Machine Magic

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About The Product

Washing Machine Magic is a revolutionary product designed to effectively clean and sanitize your washing machine.

You may not realise that the same bacteria found in a toilet is probably lurking in your washing machine. E.coli - a germ known to cause diarrhoea, and types of coliform - an indicator of unsanitary conditions, lingers in most washing machines, contaminating wash after wash.

Australian made and environmentally responsible Washing Machine Magic has received rave reviews from cleaning experts and families alike. It is the only product on the market that can remove built up grime and professionally sanitize your machine.

Professional machine repairers have been using Washing Machine Magic for 15 years and now a new family friendly two-sachet box is available for use in the home.

Washing Machine Magic is very simple to use. Just place the powder into the washing machine bowl and run a long hot water cycle and soak. Dirt is extracted from all the moving parts, clothes are cleaner and germs are eradicated.

Washing Machine Magic is just one of the many environmentally responsible cleaning products in the Magic range and is available for $8.99 from Coles and BiLo supermarkets.

Product Reviews

Richard80, Forest Lake QLD


Thanks Rubbedin I didn't realize that there was such great products on the market to clean washing machines and other household items. Will definately be purchasing them for my home. Give you a 10/10

mrsgraham, Carrum Downs VIC


Worked a treat for my washing machine. I highly recommend to all. My machine was very dirty as my husband is a truck driver and my kids are always getting dirty too. It is now clean.
Thanks allot Washing Machine Magic.

price32, Carramar WA


I loved this product it was so easy to use.
The smell was wonderful and my first load of washing in the machine came out great too.
I will definitely buy this