50 x White Magic Eco Cloth Household Value Packs

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About The Product

The White Magic Eco Cloth Household Value Pack is a chemical free cleaning solution for most cleaning tasks around the home. The Pack has 3 cloths:

1. Window & Glass Eco Cloth

2. General Purpose Eco Cloth

3. Dust & Polish Eco Cloth

The Window & Glass leaves a streak free finish on all shiny surfaces such as Glass, Stainless Steel and Polished Timber. Simply add water and wipe, the cloth is gentle on delicate surfaces and cleans lint free

The General Purpose Eco Cloth was voted by Choice Australia as the best in Australia in 2010 as it cleans all hard surfaces with only water. Dual sided, it has a corrugated side for scrubbing and a flat side for wiping it is extremely versatile

The Dust & Polish Eco Cloth works dry to collect dust like a magnet. The cloth creates electrostatic energy to attract and hold dust firmly. Great for a quick clean of antiques, wooden furniture and polished stone.

Each Eco Cloth is guaranteed for at least 300 machine washes and are all professional cleaning size 40x40cm, this ensures White Magic Eco Cloths are used and recommended by professional cleaners.


Product Reviews

missusgee, Hillcrest QLD


Amazing product. I used the dust and polish cloth the day I got it and it made cleaning a breeze! The dust did not fly around as it would if I had a duster. Instead it picked it all up and I had to wash the cloth in hot water to remove it. The same goes for the general purpose cloth which has been great for wiping most things at home. The window and glass cloth has helped me clean all glass surfaces in my house easily. Esp the shower screen. This product is very highly recommended!

Belinda797, Myrtleford VIC


I was sceptical about how good these cloths were going to be as I'm used to using product to clean my windows. I was confused about which cloth did which thing. Only after reading the enclosed leaflet that I knew. Trying the white cloth on my windows, I thought this is not working, it's leaving splotchy marks everywhere. So I used as directed. I go on to try the dust cloth, it worked really well on my tv and piano. Loved it. I went back to see how many marks were left on my windows, there was none! I was surprised and shocked, this actually worked. No streaks or marks anywhere. For the first time ever, i could see right through my windows! I love this cloth, I was so surprised that I did all the windows in my house. I went on to clean my stainless steal fridge with the general purpose cloth. I have never had no wipe marks on the fridge before. These cloths are definatly worth the money. I would buy all three.

Daphne, Laidley QLD


I have to say I really had my doubts about just cleaning with water, but these cloths do work. The glass cloth took all those sticky and greasy marks off of my stainless steel fridge and left it shiny not smeared. The general purpose cloth has worked great for the bathroom surfaces, I can just rinse it after the daily wipedown and hang it up for the next days use. My favourite cloth was the dust cloth, usually when you dust the TV the static pulls the dust back onto the screen but the cloth holds the dust. I am now a convert.