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Best mates since they met on their first day at uni, Anthony Bennett and James Carroll both dreamed of working with animals from the time they were young. 

Warm, funny and fascinating, Village Vets chronicles the lives of these two young Aussie vets during their formative years as young veterinarians - their adventures here in Australia and overseas will delight readers of all ages. There are stories of crazy cats, cranky cows, rude cockatoos, unexpected outcomes and miraculous recoveries. They have worked with every animal imaginable - operating on guinea pigs and euthanising a pet fish, treating a horse that had lost its foot and fixing a prolapsed cow with a piece of polypipe. As much about the people they meet as about the animals, Village Vets is an unforgettable insight into the heartache and joy of life as a country vet.

Best mates and business partners, Anthony Bennett and James Carroll run three vet practices on the NSW South Coast. Stars of the observational documentary Village Vets Australia on Foxtel's LifeStyle Channel, their days are spent managing dairy cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, alpacas and horses, as well as the myriad small animals that visit the clinic every day. They share an amazing camaraderie, born from their student days and enhanced by the experiences they have shared, the animals they have treated - those they have saved and lost - the business they have built, and the community they are an integral and proud part of.

Product Reviews

Carol, Doncaster East VIC


I have watched all of the episodes of Village Vets and was ecstatic to learn I was going to review their book.
This is a wonderful memoir of the boys beginnings and travels to the current day, the only fault I can find is that it was over so very quick. There are some hilarious moments in a vets life that you would normally never hear about let alone believe but this book has been written with such frankness and honesty you just laugh harder when you come across some of their more "normal" moments.
The narrative is so very Australian and in reading their stories, you can hear their different voices and travel with them through the years of triumphs and poignant moments that only those who have loved and lost animals understand.
I thoroughly recommend this book and with my fingers crossed hope that another is in the wings.
Well done Anthony and James.

Tanya869, Berrinba QLD


I absolutely love this show, and make sure I don't miss any episodes, so I was very happy to find the boys had written a book. I've read all the James Herriot books, and this flows in a similar vein.
It's very entertaining, and the boys characters come through clearly in the pages, making it a delightful read though I now know a lot more about a cows anatomy than I ever thought I would.
I highly recommend, especially if you love the show, the guys warmth, humour and the way it's been written make it a must have.

Chriso776, Mornington VIC


This first book by the much-loved stars of TV's VILLAGE VETS is the unforgettable, hilarious, heart warming and hair-raising adventures of two country vets, the animals they treat and the characters they meet.

Anthony Bennett and James Carroll become best mates since they meet, on their first day at university. From the time they were both knee high to a grasshopper, Anthony & James had always wanted a career working with animals; & they both loved the country lifestyle. This is how they both ended up running 3 vet practices, in country NSW

Village Vets takes us back to their early years, from their hilarious escapades at university, to their intrepid adventures in the UK and the Australian bush, to setting up their own practice. But if you thought country towns were sleepy, think again. Anthony and James have done it all - operated on guinea pigs and euthanized fish; treated a horse that had lost its foot and fixed a prolapsed cow with a piece of polypipe.

Then there was the day that involved four calving’s, one severed artery, one fox-bait poisoning, one skewered kelpie, one snakebite and hundreds of kilometres of driving. Little did these down-to-earth country vets know their dreams would find them unlikely TV stars, their larrikinism and genuine affection for the people they meet and the animals they treat, have been winning the hearts of Australians everywhere.

nicky53, Harrisville QLD


A delightful tale of two young Aussie vets in the UK and here in Australia. The animals they treat and their owners are the stars in this book! To be a vet, a sense of humour, and being able to keep a straight face, is mandatory! An enjoyable read!

Jean, Lakes Entrance VIC


Village Vets - Anthony Bennett & James Carroll.

From the very first sentence I found this book a fascinating read.

It takes you on a journey with Anthony and James from their university days, right up to when they decide to combine their efforts and go into business as a partnership in Berry, a town two hours drive from Sydney, NSW, Australia.

It takes you through the ups and downs of a country Veterinary Practice, the good and the bad times, the failures and the successes.

Through all of this you can tell that both Anthony and James really enjoy their work.

Hellen11, Berrimal VIC


this has to be one of the best books I have read in a long time, the struggles that Antony and James went through, I especially enjoy there story on the cranky cow, it made me laugh it made me think that animals need doctors just as much as we do only difference is they can't tell us where it hurts.
to Antony and James you made me feel so proud to be Australian I may not be a vet but I help
rescue hurt animals.

Kaye120, Pennington SA


Oh my goodness! What a wonderful book, I was so sorry when I came to the end, I just didn't want it to end. It may be laugh, cry and appreciate what vets do. It made you feel you where with the Anthony and James as they did their jobs. It teaches you what farmers have to go through and the love that people have with animals. I know how sad it is to lose pets but to think how vets must feel putting animals too sleep, I don't think they would find it easy no matter how many times they have to do it.
A very good book indeed, I do hope there will be a follow up. Congratulations!

Debbie947, Lithgow NSW


I just finished reading this book, and I found it very entertaining and interesting. I really liked that it was so local. I have lived in Kangaroo Valley and Gerringong and I felt like I was back there again! If I had a pet at the time I could quite easily taken them to these vets.
There were some very moving stories, as well as some very funny ones!
I would highly recommend this book. It is definitely not a vet's text book - far from it!
It will have you crying through the sad bits and laughing at some of the stories they tell

Julie , Drysdale VIC


What a wonderful read. It had me cringing one minute and laughing out loud the next. In the same vein as the TV series theses 2 men have a wonderful style for telling their stories now in print form. If you love the series you will love this book. If you're new to these two Aussie vets then l highly recommend this book. They tell it like it is but with humour. Great read.

Bernadette252, Nailsworth SA


What a fantastic and insightful read about two hard working and honest Aussie blokes!

Annette165, Evatt ACT


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this prelude to a partnership. James and Anthony take turns in telling the stories of their youth, university days and early vet years before they join forces and run a veterinarian practice together. Their stories are reminiscent of James Herriot, but with an australian twist. Their obvious love of animals shines through the text but for me I enjoyed their observations of the relationship or bond between animals and humans and visa versa.
The book is easy to read and very enjoyable.

helen15370, Eight Mile Plains QLD


Well at first I wasn't sure how I would like this book as one of my favourite book series is "All Creatures Great and Small", but I was pleasantly surprised by what I was reading. I loved this book. It is very much in tune with the TV Series, but I liked that I was reading how James and Anthony came to what we are familiar with on our TV screens. I liked the early days and how they went along when they first started. Also seeing their families in the early days.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is wanting a feel good experience whether they have watched the TV show or now.

Good on James and Anthony, but also cludos to Mark Whittaker for taking these stories and making such a pleasant book for us to read.

Emma1202, Launceston TAS


Anthony and James inject both warmth and humour on every page of Village Vets. All the while taking the reader on several extraordinary adventures that I am sure anyone other than themselves could hardly dream up in their lifetime.

Even when some of their tales were uncomfortable for myself to read, I couldn't bring myself to skip forward as the writing is so engaging.

This is a book I would continue to gift to different family members of all ages and professions, and that I will keep on my bookshelf for a long time to come.

Five out of five stars from me and my younger sister who read it with me.

di di, Cleveland QLD


I was so impressed not only by these two mens brains and wonderful memories, they have a great sense of humour as well.
It lets you know in a very down to earth way, just how hard all vets work.
The most interesting thing for me, was the way the sections changed from one Vet to the other as well.
I for one hope there is Book 2 coming down the track.
Even though I have just lost my companion of 12yrs, I still read on, as I had to look at the big picture.

Michelle2688, San Isidore NSW


I, ' HIGHLY' recommend this book as a terrific read. From the moment you begin this book it will have you smiling. Within a few pages I was laughing my head off at what these two likeable real life characters were getting up to in the early days of learning to be a vet!
Each chapter goes back and forth between their lives as they were growing up, studying, the practices they worked at and their everyday life which revolves around being a vet.
The book is very well written, as each chapter you read you feel yourself actually there with them sharing the highs and lows. The joys and sorrows. The heart-warmingly funny stories about some of the characters and their animals will leave you with a smile on your face.
It gives you an insight of just how resilient animals can be no matter what type of animal they are.
This book is about the lives and a pair of wonderful vets who care for each and every animal they come across and an endless devotion to what they do for a living is reinforced throughout and shows how much their compassion is a comfort in our daily lives and times of need.
You will have a new appreciation for what veterinarians do on a daily basis .
The book held my attention to the very end.
Extremely highly recommended.

Lily158, Cobram VIC


As a fan of the 'Village Vets' television program, I was beyond delighted to receive a copy of this book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The writing style adapted by both Anthony and James in this book, make the stories they're telling jump off the page! It's very easy to picture the events they're retelling, as if it was playing on one of the episodes of the show.

I would whole heartedly recommend this book for every fan of 'Village Vets', or animal lover out there. It shares loving, family friendly tales that truly do warm the heart. A full 5 stars from me, I loved every page!

Jill202235, Bateau Bay NSW


Not being an avid animal person, however we do have a dog and have had almost ecery domestic pet imaginable over the years for our children, I found this book, The Village Vets, an extroadinary read from beginning to end. It certainly gave me an insight into the lives of vets and farmers in our vast country. From the shenanigans during their uni days to the innovative surgeries that they carried out in their early days as locums on call. From goldfish to bulls, these two have had a very interesting carreer. Their empathy towards the pet / animal owners is very warmimg to the heart and soul. Saving lives when it looks bleak as all night itself. Being called out at all hours of the night and driving hundreds of kilometers all in a days work for them and never complaining to anyone. I feel they both enjoyed every minute of what they have had to do so far in their vet lives and will continue to do so for the rest of their working days. I dont think there will be anything that they cannot contend with in their future carreers as "The Village Vets". Well done on the book, as i feel it would encourage anyone thinking of a vet carreer to definately do it. Animal lovers will love it too and i have already recommended this book to family and friends. Thanks for the autographed copy and cheers to Anthony and James.

Jamie, Singleton NSW


Writing a book that straight away would be compared to that done by James Herriot would be no easy task. However, Anthony and James write in a style with stories not too dissimilar to James Herriot, but with their own experiences, style, and flavour. The stories are engaging, easy to relate to, and are written in a way that they come across like they do on TV. It's also hard not to read the book as if they're talking to you with all their mannerisms included!

Each story gives you an insight into their life and experiences, with plenty of time spent on character development and sufficient detail to understand their work. They speak fondly of those that have helped them nurture and grow them, and given them experiences that have got them to where they are today.

The book is a nice, easy ready, with a few laugh out loud moments that makes it hard to put down.

Alise6, Canning Vale WA


This is a really enjoyable book, and super easy to read as commuting on the bus or train.
It's broken up into stories from each Vet, with their voice really shinning through. There are laughs and tears within each story, and gives you a greater appreciation for vets and our pets.

Perfect for the animal lover, or the friend who is looking at going into the industry.

Christine1548, Girrawheen WA


On Friday afternoon, I was very fortunate to receive a copy of Village Vets by Anthony Bennett and James Carroll. It captured my attention from the first page.

It is not a book for the squeamish as it refers, in great detail, to operations, procedures and illnesses.

Although I had never seen their television show, I enjoyed the stories as told by James and Anthony. I hope that they will write another book together or separately.

This book would make a good present for animal lovers and avid readers alike.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this book.

Katrina305, Huntingdale VIC


Not having watched the show, I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this book. What I got was a fabulous read about 2 mates having a laugh, working hard, and getting to know the people around them. I grew up in the country and could relate to so many of the anecdotes about the locals. Passing this one on to my Dad as I know he'll find it a great read too. Will be setting Village Vets on my Foxtel IQ from here on in also.

Jan640, Knockrow NSW


Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book over the Christmas break. I found myself sharing some of the funny, and not so funny, stories from Anthony and James with my family and friends. The book is now on family member number two!.
Both Anthony and James shared their progression from child to student to man with compassion and ease, sharing their love for family and their work.
An easy reading book about two lads that love their job on the good or bad days and the journey they took to get there. A great read for any animal lover.

Dorothy151, Cessnock NSW


What an enjoyable read. Just like the TV series, these guys obviously enjoy the many challenges of their job. They tell their stories in such a conversational and positive way that it constantly makes you smile. I highly recommend this book and hope they share some more of their stores in another book.

LARAINE, Umina Beach NSW


An insight into the background of the central characters in this entertaining series.
The book covers a lot of ground through childhood, university days and their earlier working experience. Their love of animals and the compassion they have for their owners is very evident.
Using their wealth of knowledge along with the ability to improvise when traditional equipment is not available is typical of situations faced in rural areas.

Looking forward to the next series.

did23, Woolgoolga NSW


There is a lot to love about, and laugh at in this book but I got to the stage where I though "Oh God! not another cow's troubled birth story". I found myself jumping further along to try and find a non cow story. The portrayal of the relationship between James and Anthony was true of a real Aussie mateship, perhaps the best part of the book. Overall, I enjoyed the book, had a laugh and learned quite a bit. I would appreciate a sequel with less bovine activity.

Catherine532, Melton West VIC


Great book
Beautiful story

scott132990, Nth St Marys NSW


I laughed and cried reading about their exploits as their journeys brought them together. I enjoyed the down to earth way that they explained theprocedures and the fun that they had along the way. Through the trials that they have faced their larrikin nature shines through making this a thoroughly enjoyable read.