50 x The Spice Tailor Indian Sauce Packs

About The Product

The Spice Tailor is an innovative, award-winning, range of premium curries created by TV chef and cookery writer Anjum Anand, delivering authentic, extremely tasty Indian food at home  www.thespicetailor.com.

Marking her passion and ongoing commitment to championing fresh, healthy and flavoursome Indian cuisine, Anjum, has carefully developed the eight beautiful sauces including Southern Pepper Curry, Original Tikka Masala, Mangalore Herb Curry, Spiced Spinach Curry, Punjabi Tomato Curry, Rustic Rogan Josh, Delicate Korma Curry and Keralan Coconut Curry.

The Spice Tailor was created so that everybody, from inexperienced cooks to foodies, can enjoy restaurant quality curries in their own home in a fraction of the time it takes to cook from scratch.

The sauces are available exclusively from Coles and retail for $5.49.

Product Reviews

Taylor140, Ingleburn NSW


I loved this! It was so easy to cook and took barely any time at all. I got the Original Tikka Masala and the Southern Pepper Curry and both were the nicest Indian meals I have made at home, normally the stuff you get in packets and jars tastes like it's from packets and jars but this was great and it tasted really authentic.

I've been reluctant to buy these before as I wasn't sure they would live up to the expectations but I will definitely be buying them again.

Fiona973, Gulliver QLD


Perfect ready mix with extra spice bag for those who like more of a bite. Made a delicious lamb korma and and used the mangalore herb curry for the potatoes pumpkin and peas. Delicious blend of spices. I will definitely be buying this again.

price32, Carramar WA


These are just yummy and so easy to use.
I had the pepper curry which I used with Beef and the Rogan josh I used lamb.

The instructions are self explanatory and apart from marinating the meat if you want to you can do a very quick meal.
It's handy having the separate sachets and being able to get the core spices without having to buy multiple products.
Really delicious and a hit with the adults and kids .

Michael618, Donvale VIC


Best part about these sauces is SPEED!
I used chicken thigh fillets - and probably double the amount recommended on the pack-
There's plenty of sauce so I guess it depends on how "saucy" you like it. The curry was tasty but we didn't find it "hot".
Absolutely delicious! So much flavour but prepared so quickly. Tasted like it had been simmering for hours instead of minutes. Definitely recommended!

Elizabeth446, Moulden NT


I received the Southern Pepper Curry and the Original Tikka Masala. Both were very convenient as the sauces and spices were included and there were only 3 steps to follow. Very tasty and not overly spicy. A quick and easy meal at any time.

Linda Fisicaro, Concord NSW


Tried Punjabi Tomato Curry which was very spicy for a mild curry and Keralan Coconut Curry which was very tasty and the family favourite of the two curries tested.

Bianca, Mullumbimby NSW


This was a quick and easy way to prepare a delectable Indian dinner. You simply fried off the aromatics that are provided then add the meat of your choice with the sauce. It was quick and easy and very tasty. My family all enjoyed it served with basmati rice and green beans. Would deffinately buy again.

Corrina19, Melbourne VIC


I tried both the Keralan Coconut Curry and Southern Pepper Curry at the same time, both with fish as the main protein. Both of the curries were aromatic and delicious. I preferred the Southern Pepper Curry over the Keralan Coconut as it was spicier. It literally took minutes to cook and was a real time saver. Tastes like curries you'll find at malaysian / indian restaurants but cooked in the comfort of your own home. Highly recommended!

Meagan7, Northgate SA


My children said that this was the best curry they had eaten at home and compared it to the taste of Indian takeaway. Will be buying these from now on!