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Win & review The BodyZen Empowerment Program worth $9.97

Do you respect yourself? Really respect yourself?

So many women put their partner, children and other people before themselves - and to what end? Many women have low levels of self-respect and their minds and bodies are suffering as a result.

BodyZen director Sara Redman will show you how to feel fulfilled, calmer and be true to yourself by devoting 10 minutes a day to your own self care with The BodyZen Empowerment Program.

The program comprises 21 short daily steps that allow you to assess your level of self-respect and develop strategies to improve so it soon becomes a daily habit.

All you need is 10 minutes each day that are devoted entirely to you. Not only are you worth it, but your mind and body will thank you for doing it!

BodyZen is a revolutionary new program including workshops and online coaching designed to help women lose weight without dieting and find peace with their bodies.


The BodyZen Empowerment Program RRP $9.97

Product Reviews

Sussan4, Prestons NSW


Great read. Very inspiring

Susy Pops, Lynbrook VIC


Because the BodyZen Empowerment Progran required only 10 minutes a day, I found it easy to remain focused and I was able to have this time to focus solely on myself, which became a habit that benefited my health and wellbeing.

marketraider, Caboolture QLD


What a great, easy to use program! Even the busiest person has 10 minutes a day they can spare for some me time and the BodyZen program has me feeling very empowered, in control and accomplished.