50 x Palmolive Body Polish Packs

About The Product

The innovative range containing real fruit seeds, is the first of its kind to hit the market. An exfoliating bodywash gel, Palmolive® Body Polish promises to renew and revitalize the skin with naturally derived super fruit extracts containing anti-oxidant properties.

Formulated with the tantalizing fruit scents of acai berry, passion fruit & strawberry, the exfoliating body wash is gentle enough to be used every day. So you can embrace your ‘me time’ in the shower and relish in its rejuvenating benefits for healthy, radiant skin when you need it.

Suitable for all skin types and available in three fruit varieties, Palmolive® Body Polish are available from all major supermarkets and leading pharmacies nationwide, RRP $6.99 for 400ml & $10.99 for 750ml. Body Polish truly is an everyday treat for the skin without a ridiculous price tag.

Product Reviews

Lorraine, Mt Evelyn VIC


Luv Palmolive Body Polish - an affordable addition to my beauty routine with beautiful fruity fragrances that leave your body nice and smooth

Jostar, Charlestown NSW


These three Palmolive Body Wash Soaps i used were fantastic for many reasons, they smell great in their own unique way, washes the body perfectly leaving my skin soft and clean, i am definitely going to be using Palmolive Body Soaps in the future :)

Vanessa543, Sunbury VIC


This has been by far the best body wash product I have used. The exfoliants in the scrub has left my skin feeling fresh and super smooth. Not to mention how the fruity smell lasts all day! I can't even choose a favourite because all 3 choices were incredible. I'm defiantly a fan of this product and cannot wait to collect all of the Palmolive body washes in stores

Jessica2269, Kuraby QLD


I absolutely loved this product. I especially loved the exfoliating fruit seeds and the natural amazing fruit scents. My favourite was the strawberry body wash. I found that, with using this Palmolive body wash, my skin felt smoother, healthier and brighter. I really enjoyed my showers using the Palmolive body wash and I smelt amazing afterwards. I also loved the fact that these body washes contain real fruit extracts and fruit seeds. Overall this is a great product and I would highly recommend it.

Peter1221, South Plympton SA


My family have tried all 3 flavours and liked them so much. We all thought the passion fruit was best we will continue to use this product would like to give it 5 stars

Vicki228, George Town TAS


I enjoyed trying Palmolive Body Polish, my favourite scent was the strawberry, (light and refreshing), a close second, the Acai Berry, a (mild relaxing scent), suitable for the evening.
I found it to be mildly exfoliating yet gentle on my skin.
A great product.

Sarah387, Casey ACT


I have used all three of these new products. I loved them all. The packaging is very attractive and you can easily see the product you are getting. My favourite was the strawberry, it has a very fresh scent, just the right one to get you moving in the mornings. The passionfruit was equally refreshing, but with a sweeter smell. The Acai berry was more a wind down scent for the evening. Each gel has kiwi and strawberry seeds to exfoliate the skin. With the first wash my skin was smooth. The exfoliation was gentle to the skin, but the results were worth it. I would recommend all three of these washes, definitely one for each mood.

Chantele, Newcastle NSW


This product is highly recommended - it smells amazing and leaves the skin feeling lovely and soft, and smelling wonderful after

Kat58, Hervey Bay QLD


Wow......im defiantly a convert. Not only are the new Palmolive Body Polish range beautifully presented they look and smell great. The fresh fragrances left my skin smelling fantastic and the exfoliating seed infusion left me feeling like id just left the salon after a pamper session. I will befinately purchase these gorgeous smelling products on the future. #palmolivebodypolish #luxury

MelissaO99, Taringa QLD


We loved these! I really like the texture of this body wash that exfoliates gentle while I wash.

I think my favourite was the aCai berry which was subtle but had a lovely smell. My husband loved the strawberry one. The passion fruit was also very fresh smelling. I love the smell of washing with different fruits first thing in the morning. The packaging made it easy to get the right amount out and not too much. It left my skin feeling soft and clean.
We loved these.

Hanna61, Elsternwick VIC


All three, strawberry, passion fruit & berry left my skin feeling soft & smelling beautiful & revitalised. This exfoliating product does its job well. My fav is strawberry. Well done Palmolive

Belle88, Rochedale QLD


Palmolive's Body Polishes are just wonderful. I was given three varieties to test being Acai Berry, Passionfruit and Strawberry. All three fragrances contain real fruit seeds making them a very innovative body wash and a first of its kind! They smell absolutely amazing and just like real fruit! The exfoliating beads do a great smoothing my skin and I feel great after every shower!

Tamara64, Rosslea QLD


The Palmolive Body Polish is like a little holiday in a tropical place. They all smell amazing but the Acai Berry Body Polish would have to be my favourite of them all. The seeds provide a nice and invigorating scrub, and it foams up nicely even when using just a little bit. It feels like such a treat to be using this on a daily basis!

Diane499, West Beach SA


I have found this body wash to be very good. it does nourish my skin and didn't leave it dry like other do. The smell is amazing smelling fresh all day long. i will definitely be purchasing these again. I can't decide which one they are all good

Justin268, West Lakes Shore SA


Palmolive's newest range is awesome, they all smell great, and have no problems keeping you clean. What more can you ask from a body wash? It's a fantastic product that I wouldn't have any issues recommending to others.

Nikol, Eynesbury VIC


When you first open the bottle you are hit with a wonderful smell that wakes up your senses. The body wash is great to use and leaves your skin feeling very smooth and fresh

Lah2, Bald Hills QLD


Love the smell of all three body washes, really captured the essence of the flavour that they are. The feeling it leaves on your body, so smooth and pretty! Would def be buy theres from my local supermarket.. i give it a 4/5 but my phone would let me click it.. hopefully its left my rating below

Carolyn552, Kings Langley NSW


I'm a fan! I love the fact that the fruit seeds are not too abrasive like some bodywash gel but still feels like it is doing its job! The product did not dry my skin out at all like some (in order to do this review I have also gone out and bought some other products to compare) and I really felt quite invigorated after using it.
I particularly loved the passionfruit one - the scent not too overbaring and quite subtle.
The one negative I do have was the scent of the strawberry bodywash. I thought it smelt too sweet and quite an artificial scent. My daughter also used this one and mentioned that she thought it smelt like medicine!
Overall though I would definitely buy this product again and think it is priced fairly.
Thankyou for my opportunity at trialling this product.

Charlotte309, Salisbury QLD


Love the smell of them, so refreshing. Especially with the strawberry flavor, you can kind of see the seeds in there, cause is made with real seeds. Sine is an exfoliating body wash, i still haven't tried to use it everyday, but i am using it every other day, and i feel like my skin is already smoother. just make sure to put on some body cream after shower to keep the magic on the skin. #palmolivebodypolish

amasters, Wollstonecraft NSW


The best thing about these washes was the lather. I left the shower feeling thoroughly clean each time, without having to use an excessive amount of the product.

The three flavours - acai, passionfruit and strawberry - reminded me of a packet of Fruit Pastilles. They all smelled a bit sugary and it struck me as the kind of smell I would have gone crazy over in my school years. The older me is drawn to the acai flavour, as it is slightly more heady than the other two fruity flavours.

While I enjoyed these products, I would probably think twice about buying them at their current price in the supermarket as I don't think they are unrivalled for quality, even if they are the first of their kind in terms of containing real fruit. I would probably pick them up on sale though.

Skye240, Lilydale VIC


Absolutely in love with this product! They all smell so good and the fact that they are made from natural products and have actual strawberry, passionfruit and Acai berry seeds in them made it feel so much better on your skin. It leaves your skin so soft afterwards, will definitely be telling all my friends about this.

Lisa2131, Avondale Heights VIC


Palmolive Body Polishes were pleasantly surprising! I think the inclusion of kiwifruit seeds and apricot seed powder as exfoliators are a fantastic idea. They work well and are not so harsh that you can't use the bodywash every day. It left my skin nice and soft.
You don't need to use a lot of product as they lather up really well. I used it with a body sponge and directly on to the skin and was happy with both results. I liked the passionfruit scent the best, I found the strawberry scent too sweet. Fortunately I didn't notice the scent lingering all day like you get with some body washes.
The bottle is clear so you can see the seeds and exactly what you are getting, it's easy to get out the bottle (but might be a bit tricky as you get down to the last few squirts).
Definitely a repurchase, especially as I've seen it on special recently!

Celia31, Footscray VIC


I was lucky enough to try all three of the new Palmolive Body Polish varieties. I especially loved the passion fruit scented one. You come out of the shower smelling edible every time. The exfoliating seeds gently buffer your skin making it feel smooth and clean. I really liked this product and would happily purchase the body wash in future.

Angeline5, Dawesville WA


I love these body washes, the smell is amazing and fills the whole shower with a fruity scent. My favorite one is the acai berry but I would buy all of them. They are great for exfoliating and I like to use them with a loofa to make my skin even softer. Would recommend this product.

peter, Tascott NSW


Our family found Palmolive Body Polish a great product – it seemed to make skin smooth and softer, and the fruity fragrance was refreshing and added fun to showering.

jordsandjulia, Biggera Waters QLD


These new products are amazing. The scent and refreshing feel during showers left my skin fresh and rejuvenated!

Alex322, Jindabyne NSW


A great smelling body wash which left my skin feeling amazing

pupek, Sunshine North VIC


They all smell great. Leaves the skin feeling fresh and moisturised. Out of all three my favourite would have to be strawberry. They lather up nicely to.

Claire140, Lara VIC


Before you even start to use the product the fruity aroma tantalizes your senses. The thickness of the polish is perfect, making you feel thouroughly cleansed. The exfoliating seeds within were just the right amount, cleansing the skin without too much abrasion. After rinsing, your skin was left very soft with a hint of the fruity aroma. Lovely. I want more !!

Michelle2419, South Yarra VIC


Our family loved this product and it quickly became a favourite. Leaves skin soft and refreshed with great smell. I would happily purchase again.

Allison357, Crace ACT


I loved these! Great scents - the acai berry was my favourite! The exfoliating body wash left my skin very soft and is gentle enough to use every day.