50 x Kleva Knife Sharpeners

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About The Product

Forget sharpening knives the old way. You can make a draw full of blunt knives brand new again with KLEVA SHARP. Imagine you will never buy another knife again!

The unique, patented KLEVA Sharp uses tungsten carbide technology to extend the life of almost any knife. KLEVA Sharp works on virtually any knife, including expensive hardened steel knives and even serrated blades (like bread knives and hunting knives), making it unlike any knife sharpener, steel or sharpening stone you’ve ever used.

The KLEVA SHARP secret is the power grip suction base, its safe your hands never go near the knife AND The tungsten carbide tooling THAT SHARPENS YOUR BLADES LIKE A PRO.YOU GET 10000 SHARPENS FROM YOUR KLEVA SHARP - WE TESTED IT.

Whether you’re slicing meat, dicing vegetables, or carving the Sunday Roast, a sharp blade makes cutting effortless. KLEVA Sharp restores a super sharp cutting edge to blunt knife blades that have dulled with use. www.klevasharp.com.au

Product Reviews

buffii68, Macleod VIC


I love this sharpener. You push the lever down, it grips onto the bench and away you go. So far I have sharpened every knife in the house and every pair of scissors. The only thing that has slowed me down is that I can't find the shed key so I can try it out on the garden and the hubbies woodwork tools. It is so good that I am going to buy every one in the family one for xmas. This is the best sharpener I have ever used. I give it 6/5 stars and I highly recommend it.

Chelly, Tweed Heads South NSW


The Kleva Sharp sits perfectly still on the kitchen bench, looks good, and doesn't budge when you sharpen your knives. I sharpened old and new knives, the old ones came up razor sharp and ready to use again, the new ones are sharper than they were when originally purchased. I can definately recommend the Kleva Sharp.

Rebecca294, Avoca TAS


when i picked the kleva knife sharpener up from the post office, i opened it and was worried that it was so small. i did not think that it would help me sharpen a knife that i have had sharpened 3 differnt times. when i got home i tried it and then sliced a tomato and IT WORKED!!! this knife has been with me most of my life and i was on the verge of replacing it but now i do not have to.

thank you so much for allowing me to try and rate it. i will gladly recommend it to anyone

Brad61, Kurralta Park SA


This sharpener works really well! Keeps my expensive knives super sharp better than the sharpener they came with. The suction function is really handy to stick the sharpener in a useable yet out of the way position. It is also quite small.

Patty, Branxholm TAS


I thought the Kleva Knife Sharpener works well. It looks great and it sharpened all my knives effortlessly. Very easy to store.Takes up no room what so ever. The suction base kept it in place while the knives were being sharpened. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an easy to use knife sharpener.For under thirty dollars it is well worth it. Our knives have never been sharper. Thank you for the chance to review and use this great product.

lenny21, Kedron QLD


What a great product, it takes all the hard work out of trying to keep your knives sharp. Sticks to any surface which makes it extremely versatile, and is compact so does not take up room on bench tops, and is easy to store. It will not end up in the gadget graveyard that we all have in our kitchens, it will be used regularly. I will be recommending to all my friends.

Kelly, Randwick NSW


Simply the best knife sharpener on the market. My fingers aren't at risk due to the clever base which sticks to your bench and it's the only one I've come across that also sharpens serrated knives. It's compact, lightweight and my knives are super sharp after one use.

Julie, Buderim QLD


Wow! Sharp knives again, for cutting vegies. The power grip doesn't move and is safe and secure. It even sharpened my 35yr old serated "Feathertouch knife"!

Katarina, Horsham VIC


Really easy to use. Stuck well to the bench and cupboard door. Only needed a few pulls through the kelva sharp to sharpen. No more squashed tomatoes for me. Very handy little and compact sharpener to have.

Linda501, Capalaba QLD


A great little addition to my kitchen - sharpens knives nicely. No more slips from a dull blade! Really handy on the boat for sharpening fish knives. With the suction base it can be placed next to the fish board without it going overboard!

I like the Kleva, but I have to say the lever used to activate the suction base takes a bit of muscle, and I think it would be quite difficult for someone with arthritis to manoeuvre.

kgarn, Hornsby Heighs NSW


First impression - it was a lot smaller than I expected, glad about that, it can be stored easily.

Suction cup works great and really clings to the work surface and the unit is secure and safe.

Really impressed by the sharpening action and how much its achieves in each stroke.
Normal knives - no problem
Knives which are angled on one side only, such as filleting knives and some serrated knives have always presented a problem with other sharpeners, but, if you angle the blade and take care, they sharpen up just great.

The big test for me was my cleaver, it has not fitted in any sharpener that I have owned. But at last it is sharp again.

I have also sharpened the curved blades from my 20 year old food processor, it now works like new.

All in all a very impressive product.

The only negative is the swarf (metal shavings) can build up quite quickly, and they are sharp so be careful when putting the sharpner away.

Thanks Lifestyle & Kleva I am sure this sharpener is going to get a lot of use.

Kerry183557, Kelvin Grove QLD


I was lucky to win the chance to test the Kleva knife sharpener and of course I sharpened every knife in the kitchen when I received. It was amazing with the suction grip on the base it made it very safe and easy to use. The knives were very sharp. I used it on both the serrated and flat blades with great results. The only problem is while sharpening the knives there were metal filings left on the bench, I wouldn't sharpen the knives where you prepare your food. Otherwise it is a great sharpener and doesn't take up much space in the kitchen.